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  • Axanar, Studios Settle Star Trek Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
    21.01.2017 02:15:50
    Axanar, Studios Settle Star Trek Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
    With the copyright infringement trial just 11 days away, Star Trek fan film Axanar producer Alec Peters settled with plaintiffs CBS and Paramount Pictures. The terms of the settlement, announced today, require that Peters admit “overreaching” and allow for a scaled-back production of Axanar as two 15-minute films that conform to all of the studios’ fan film guidelines announced last June. Editor’s note: It’s been over a year since a lawsuit was brought against the never made Star Trek fan film Axanar (including the previously released Prelude to Axanar) and its creators, namely producer Alec Peters. The suit, which was brought about after an unprecedented $1.4 million was raised from fan donations and Axanar store purchases (and subsequently spent, much of it allegedly not on the film itself), has changed the landscape of Star Trek fan films. The lawsuit prompted the creation of specific and restrictive fan film guidelines by CBS and Paramount, causing many fan film makers to pivot (removing direct references to copyrighted Star Trek works) or end production altogether. Today, both sides settled out of court. Travel back through our archives of this saga here, and read about the state of the suit throughout it’s year-long history here, here, and here. For the full story, head to axamonitor.com, an independent wiki dedicated to following the events of the Axanar lawsuit, which has kept extremely detailed tabs on every aspect of the suit. The following article is cross-posted at AxaMonitor. Settlement Terms, No Cash? In a joint statement by both sides, Peters admitted overreaching in producing Prelude to Axanar and Axanar: Paramount Pictures Corporation, CBS Studios Inc., Axanar Productions, Inc. and Alec Peters are pleased to announce that the litigation regarding Axanar’s film Prelude to Axanar and its proposed film Axanar has been resolved. Axanar and Mr. Peters acknowledge that both films were not approved by Paramount or CBS, and that both works crossed boundaries acceptable to CBS and Paramount relating to copyright law. Interestingly, the settlement terms appear to be virtually the same as those offered by CBS and Paramount in March 2016. The terms require Peters to publicly acknowledge he and his company, Axanar Productions, crossed copyright boundaries they shouldn’t have, and they allow Axnanar to keep Prelude available on YouTube, commercial-free. It can also be exhibited at fan conventions, film festivals and non-commercial events. It cannot ever be shown at official Star Trek conventions. Like most settlements in civil cases, many terms may never become public. While neither side’s official statement said anything about a monetary settlement, Ars Technica reported payments were not part of the accord: A spokesperson from Axanar told Ars Technica in an e-mail “we’re not paying anything,” with respect to the settlement. However, Axanar’s Mike Bawden denied that came from an official spokesman: I have no idea where that statement came from; the official spokespeople for Axanar Productions didn’t provide that information and won’t confirm or deny it now. Sorry. We just can’t talk about it. It was not clear what was to happen to the Axanar project in the wake of the settlement. Though the terms appear to allow some kind of production to move forward, it won’t be anywhere near the multi-million dollar spectacle Peters had promised the donors who fronted him $1.4 million. According to court documents, that $1.4 million is gone, spent by Peters on personal expenses and an incomplete build-out of a commercial studio that was to have housed the production and made available to rent to other productions. The monthly expenses for the largely unused facility ranged between $12,000 and $15,000. Scaled-Back Production Allowed, but Many Cast, Crew Can’t Participate Sources connected to CBS told AxaMonitor that Peters is allowed under the settlement to make two 15-minute films that must adhere to the fan film guidelines announced by CBS in June 2016. In its official statement, Axanar stated: Axanar Productions was created by lifelong Star Trek fans to celebrate their love for Star Trek. Alec Peters and the Axanar team look forward to continuing to share the Axanar story and are happy to work within the guidelines for fan films for future projects. Under the terms of the fan film guidelines, Axanar will not be able to have participants who have previously worked for CBS or Paramount. That would seem to preclude director Robert Meyer Burnett and most of the professional actors, some of which Peters had literally banked on to attract money from Star Trek fans. The settlement, however, did allow Axanar to use the following actors: Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon, J.G. Hertzler and Gary Graham, “but no other actors who have appeared in professional Star Trek productions.” None of the production team is allowed to be paid, also. Axanar’s never-before-seen crowdfunding success and its ongoing commercial operations concerned CBS and Paramount, and the settlement prohibits Peters from seeking public crowdfunding for Axanar. Private donations remain allowed, however. That appeared to make available up to $100,000 in crowdfunding to produce Axanar as a single two-part 30-minute episode. What that may look like will take some time for Peters to figure out, his statement said: For the next sixty days, Axanar Productions will be working through some final legal requirements requiring immediate attention. In addition, there are several pre-production issues that need to be re-visited before we can begin principal photography on our project. Remaining Obstacles Should Peters elect to move ahead with even a trimmed-down version of Axanar, may obstacles remained in his path. Among them: A threatened trademark lawsuit by former Axanar chief technologist Terry McIntosh over Axanar’s continued use of the name Ares Digital for its perk fulfillment platform. Pending complaints made to both the federal Internal Revenue Service and California’s tax board about whether Axanar properly paid taxes. A possible class action lawsuit brought by disaffected crowdfunding donors. Possible bankruptcy proceedings if Axanar fails to win other legal actions. This would be the second time Peters has declared bankruptcy for one of his companies. Propworx was the first, in which Peters...
  • COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Waypoint #3
    19.01.2017 17:30:05
    COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Waypoint #3
    The latest issue of IDW’s Star Trek anthology is the first to feature Voyager and Deep Space Nine. Naomi Wildman takes center stage in an enjoyable romp, while a Kira-focused tale presents a more personal story. Mixing intimate and smaller character stories along with irreverent and fun tales has been one the best surprises of IDW’s Star Trek: Waypoint anthology series – both of which are featured in the latest issue. Add to the mix an infusion of new and diverse talent, and Waypoint is shaping up to be some of the best original Star Trek stories ever created. STAR TREK: VOYAGER – THE WILDMAN MANEUVER Taking a cue from Voyager episodes like “Once Upon a Time” and “Infinite Regress” (in which Naomi Wildman tells an imaginative story and draws members of the crew, respectively), writer Mairghead Scott and artist Corin Howell deliver a wonderful and amusing tale, presenting it almost exclusively from Naomi’s point of view. Telling the story in such a way offers an entertaining look at life aboard Voyager through the eyes of the ship’s youngest occupant. Composing terrific character moments for each member of Voyager’s crew, Scott should please the show’s legion of fans – especially its female following inspired by Captain Janeway and her intellectual pursuit and understanding of the universe. Scott hits all the right beats as far as the young Naomi is concerned, especially how she views the crew. One of the story’s more special moments is its focus on Naomi and Seven of Nine’s relationship, which will not disappoint. Also, all the Janeway coffee-meme creators and fans on social media should absolutely love the story’s resolution, in which Naomi must “cue super secret agent music” to complete her assigned mission. Providing a lighter and sillier story than readers might expect could cause discomfort among more detail-oriented fans, especially from Naomi’s drawings. However, presentation of the issue is part of the story’s overall charm and should not quickly be judged or dismissed. The only disappointment is that the story’s narrative saw Howell change her style, and only allowed readers to enjoy a few pages of her normal art. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE – MOTHER’S WALK Poignant and sweet best describe writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Megan Levins Waypoint #3 entry, as it focuses on Kira’s faith, Bajor’s past traditions, and how its society suffered, and continues to suffer, from the Cardassian occupation. Writing the story through Kira’s eyes allows for a new glimpse into one of the franchise’s most layered characters. “Mother’s Walk” is a sweet and touching story not only of past traditions forgotten and renewed, but the power of friendship and extended families. Kira is not the lone Bajoran female on the station or the only one to recall past celebrations of mothers and daughters. It’s interesting to witness Leeta’s opposite and completely understandable reaction that demonstrates the dangers of oppressing a group of people and its rituals. Art tends to be viewed through the lens of past experiences and current events. It might be hard for readers not to see some similarities in the world today, especially in the political climate of the United States and the upcoming Women’s March at the presidential inauguration. However, Star Trek has always been a terrific platform to discuss social issues, and “Mother’s Walk” continues that practice.   NEW CREATORS EXPLORING AND SHARING THEIR IDEAS THROUGH STAR TREK Inclusiveness and diversity have been at the heart of Star Trek since Gene Roddenberry first thought up the franchise more than 50 years ago. Longtime fan and IDW’s Star Trek Editor Sarah Gaydos continues expanding that premise with the Waypoint anthology in a way that would surely make Roddenberry smile. Showcasing talented new creators, she has opened up Star Trek’s storytelling to a brand-new generation of writers and artists who bring their own unique experiences, ideas and hopes to Waypoint’s pages. Star Trek comic readers are enjoying some of the most inspiring and kid-friendly stories the Final Frontier has seen. The six-issue bi-monthly mini-series continues in March with the first-ever Enterprise comic story and TNG away-team tale.
  • UPDATE: Sarek Joins “Star Trek: Discovery” and Premiere Date Pushed Back
    18.01.2017 19:34:01
    UPDATE: Sarek Joins “Star Trek: Discovery” and Premiere Date Pushed Back
    Sarek, Spock’s father, is the newest character added to Star Trek: Discovery, scheduled to premiere later this year. Actor James Frain has been cast in the role, a British actor who might be familiar to American audiences as Paul Raines on 24. He has also appeared on Orphan Black, Agent Carter, and Gotham, among his many other credits. No word yet on what Sarek’s storyline will be, or if his wife Amanda will appear as well, although she was brought up by former showrunner Bryan Fuller as a character he’d love to include on the series. In other breaking news, the May 2017 premiere date is now off the table. Entertainment Weekly speculates that one of the reasons may be cast member Sonequa Martin-Green, who is also on The Walking Dead, which will be airing through April; they want to avoid what they call “marketplace confusion.” The other reason, they suggest, is that extra time is needed for set design and special effects. They report this statement from CBS: “Production on Star Trek: Discovery begins next week. We love the cast, the scripts and are excited about the world the producers have created.  This is an ambitious project; we will be flexible on a launch date if it’s best for the show.  We’ve said from the beginning it’s more important to do this right than to do it fast. There is also added flexibility presenting on CBS All Access, which isn’t beholden to seasonal premieres or launch windows.” As we recently reported, shooting begins next week, January 24th in Toronto. Previously announced cast members include Sonequa Martin-Green (Lieutenant Commander Rainsford), Michelle Yeoh (Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou), Anthony Rapp (Lt. Stamets), Doug Jones (Lt. Saru), Chris Obi (T’Kuvma), Shazad Latif (Kol), and Mary Chieffo (L’Rell). Read the full press release.            
  • “Star Trek: Discovery” to Begin Shooting on January 24th
    13.01.2017 23:46:58
    “Star Trek: Discovery” to Begin Shooting on January 24th
    Production on Star Trek: Discovery is scheduled to begin on January 24, 2017, according to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Toronto-based union’s website. Read on to see the details. The IATSE873 website, which is based in Toronto, lists all of the current productions within its jurisdiction. Details of a production called “Green Harvest” has recently appeared with filming dates from January 24, 2017 through September 7, 2017. The list of producers for the production include Bryan Fuller, Heather Kadin, Gretchen Berg, Aaron Harberts, Aaron Baiers, Loretta Ramos, Kevin Lafferty, and director David Semel. As we have previously reported all of these names as being involved in the production of Star Trek: Discovery, and Red Shirts Always Die reported in June that “Green Harvest” was the codename being used for Discovery. — Source link to the entry in the IATSE database.
  • Shuttle Pod 29: The Five Ages of Star Trek
    12.01.2017 20:13:14
    Shuttle Pod 29: The Five Ages of Star Trek
    The Star Trek franchise has certainly changed over the course of its five-decades long existence. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew attempt to classify each “age” of Trek, in the style of the classical Ages of Man (as is done in comic books: golden age, silver age, etc). And, to do it, we use TrekMovie editor Jared Whitley’s series of articles, “The Five Ages of Star Trek” as a guide. Subscribe to Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie.com Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Pocket Casts! Follow along as we dissect Star Trek through the ages and argue about where to draw the lines set by Jared in his original series of articles, “The Five Ages of Star Trek”. Golden Age: 1966 to 1976 The Dilithium Age Start: Sept. 1966 (Man Trap) End: Sept. 1976 (NASA names shuttle Enterprise) Episodes: 101 – 79 (TOS), 22 (TAS) Movies: 0 Silver Age: 1977 to 1986 Transparent Aluminum Age Start: May 1977 (Star Wars) End: Dec. 1986 (Shatner hosts SNL) Episodes: 0 Movies: 4 Bronze Age: 1987 to 1996 Latinum Age Start: Sept. 1987 (Farpoint) End: Nov. 1996 (First Contact) Episodes: 340 – 178 (TNG), 108 (DS9), 54 (VOY) Movies: 4 Iron Age: 1997 – 2005 Polarized Hull-plating Age Start: Jan. 1997 (Star Wars special edition) End: May 2005 (These are the voyages …) Episodes: 284 – 68 (DS9), 118 (VOY), 98 (ENT) Movies: 2 Modern Age: 2006 – 2016 Vreenak Age Start: July 2005 (Vreenak meme drops) End: July 2016 (Beyond) Episodes: 0 Movies: 3 
  • COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Boldly Go #4
    11.01.2017 17:00:22
    COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Boldly Go #4
    Boldly going where no other Star Trek comic has gone before, Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen have demonstrated they will push the boundaries of storytelling and established notions with this new series. Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 shows us how the Kelvin Universe crew deal with the Borg… and how the Borg deal with them. Resistance is futile: three words which bring dread in the Star Trek universe. Yet, sometimes resistance is not futile, especially when it comes to humans (and a certain android). In the conclusion to Star Trek: Boldly Go’s opening story arc, the Borg (while trying to assimilate Spock) head to Romulus to discover how their technology wound up on the Narada. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour warp to the rescue while seeking to assure the Romulans they are trying to help as writer Mike Johnson and artist Tony Shasteen present a conclusion that is not without consequence for the Endeavour’s crew. Since this is the Federation’s first encounter with the Borg in the Kelvin Universe, Kirk and company don’t know what’s in store for them, and Johnson paints a scene free of the usual fear that accompanies the appearance of the Borg; it’s an interesting choice. Maybe it’s the fact that the Kelvin Universe’s crew has seen their ship torn apart so often (the Narada, Vengeance, and the Hive), that the Borg’s destruction of the Concord and assimilation of some of the crew in Issue #1 does not shock them. Instead, they focus on action rather than worry about the destruction the Borg have wrought or can deliver. The Borg meet Kirk and Spock (and a Romulan) Memories are assimilated into the collective when the Borg turn their victims into drones. However, they might have met their match in Spock. Issue #4 opens on an emotional moment in the Vulcan’s life, and the Borg have difficulties incorporating his distinctiveness into the collective. Spock’s resistance presents a fascinating battle of wills, culminating in a very physical moment. Spock’s plight is no less harrowing than Kirk, who must convince the Romulans that the Borg are not a Federation trick (that’s some trick!). His approach to rescuing Spock and the captured Concord/Endeavour crews is in sharp contrast to how Picard dealt with assimilated crew members with finality in Star Trek: First Contact (although Picard did have the experience of past encounters). Kirk’s decision should provide intriguing possibilities for future issues, especially with the realization that the Borg will be back. One of the captivating ideas Johnson introduced was a Romulan first officer serving aboard the Endeavour. (Heck, if a Klingon can serve aboard the Enterprise D in the Prime Universe, why not a Romulan now?) Commander Valas’ inclusion on a Starfleet vessel allows a unique perspective into an race that is antagonistic towards the Federation. Plus it opens a window into the character’s (and reader’s) own ideas. Of course, Valas’ presence proves fruitful for the mission in the end. Destruction is something that follows the Borg wherever they go, and this time their obliteration of the Romulan fleet makes Wolf 359 look like a border skirmish between the Klingons and Cardassians. Once again, Shasteen supplies stunning visuals to Johnson’s words (as in the above example). In addition, he illustrates a new Romulan Warbird that will look familiar in style. Issue #4 a welcome addition to the Kelvin Universe comic series Sprinkling in several Star Trek Easter Eggs from the television series and films, as he has done in previous comics, Johnson also adds a callback to the just concluded IDW Star Trek monthly series. Referencing past stories add a continuity to the storytelling that all fans will appreciate, especially those who have been reading IDW’s Kelvin Universe stories from the beginning. Unfortunately, four issues does not give Johnson a lot of time to focus on other characters, and while McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, and Uhura are all aboard the Endeavour by the story’s conclusion (Scotty is currently teaching at Starfleet Academy), they never replace its crew. Issue #4’s focal point is Kirk and Spock and the obstacles they face. Readers should get used to the crew being split up for the time being, as Boldly Go takes place between the victory over Krall and the launching of the Enterprise A at the end of Star Trek: Beyond. Delivering one of their strongest Star Trek tales yet, while breaking perceived storytelling norms, prove Johnson and Shasteen are just getting started. After five years spent in the Kelvin Universe, the creative team is boldly going into the future, and taking readers along for the ride. February’s issue #5 will present the first look at Jaylah, post-Krall, and should open additional unforeseen and exciting story opportunities in the months to come.
  • WATCH: Doug Jones Talks “Star Trek: Discovery”, How To Pronounce ‘Lt. Saru’
    07.01.2017 22:17:42
    With the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery only a few months away and filming to start later this month, we get our first interview with Doug Jones on the new alien character of Lt. Saru. As the show hasn’t even begun filming yet (filming should start later this month, according to Jones), there is not much to be said about what Discovery will bring. “I don’t know much!” said Jones of Discovery. Still, it’s exciting to see a member of our newest Star Trek family talking about the show and his previous knowledge of the Trek universe. Doug Jones sat down with IGN to promote his upcoming film The Bye Bye Man, and talked a little about Star Trek: Discovery, too. “What I can tell you is what’s already been out there. I am a new breed of alien that you’ve never seen on the series before, or in any of the movies, which I’m tickled pink about. That I get to, from the ground up, help develop and find this character, and this species, and what we’re all about… This is a whole new thing that we get to discover together, which I’m really excited about.” One new piece of information we did get, however, is the correct pronunciation of the character’s name. Lt. Saru is pronounced “suh-roo” (emphasis on the roo).
  • Judge Denies Axanar Its Fair Use Defense
    05.01.2017 02:00:59
    While a Federal judge denied summary judgment January 4, 2017, to both sides in the Axanar copyright infringement lawsuit, he dealt a major blow to the defendants’ hope to use fair use as a defense in the case. Going to Trial The 15-page decision moves the case forward to its scheduled January 31 trial date, striking out a central part of the defendants’ case. While Klausner found Axanar was indeed substantially similar to Star Trek using an extrinsic test, despite the defense’s protestations to the contrary, he left to the jury the intrinsic, or subjective, decision over whether the “total concept and feel of [Axanar and Star Trek works were] substantially similar.” ‘Objectively Infringing’ The extrinsic test Klausner used examines “specific expressive elements: the plot, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pace, characters, and sequence of events in the two works to determine if articulable similarities exist.“ Here, Klausner wrote, the “Defendants [producer Alec Peters and Axanar Productions] intentionally use elements from the Star Trek Copyrighted Works to create works that stay true to Star Trek canon down to excruciating details. Defendants even touted that ‘Axanar feels like Star Trek.‘” Willful Infringement  While Klausner found it likely Peters indeed infringed on Star Trek’s copyrights, he decided to leave it to a jury to determine whether Peters willfully infringed — whether what he thought he was doing was all right. The jury’s decision makes a difference only in the extent of Peters liability — how much he might have to pay in damages. For that, Peters had relied on a long history of Star Trek fan films unhindered by copyright disputes. And even though Peters repeatedly stated Axanar was not to be called a fan film, his lawyer, Erin Ranahan asserted the claim was made only to distinguish Axanar’s quality from other fan works. Klausner held that state of mind is something the jury must examine in order to determine whether his infringement was willful. Peters’ Reply to Judge’s Ruling Peters issued the following statement on his surrogate’s blog following the judge’s order: This morning, Judge Klausner made a ruling that the case will go to jury trial to determine if Axanar is “substantially similar” to the CBS copyrighted works. If it is, then the jury will have to find if the infringement is “willful” or “non-willful”, and Judge Klausner already stated that “Peters’ actions demonstrate a respect for Plaintiffs’ intellectual property that makes a finding of willfulness on summary judgement inappropriate.” If the jury does not find “substantial similarity” then the case will be dismissed. Depending on the outcome of the trial, Axanar may choose to appeal the verdict to the Ninth Circuit, where Erin Ranahan is 5-0. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is also known to favor artist rights. So the story of Axanar continues… Not Premature Ranahan had repeatedly argued CBS and Paramount had no case for copyright infringement because Axanar had yet to be produced, existing insubstantially as a series of ever-changing screenplay drafts. Klausner had found that line of argument unpersuasive when Ranahan first made it in the dismissal motion he rejected in May 2015; he found it even less persuasive when having to deal with it yet again in her motion for summary judgment: The Court explained its rejection of this argument in the order denying Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.. … The Court will not repeat its rationale here, except to note that evidence of a final shooting script satisfies the judicial standard for summary judgment. Copyrightable Elements The defense had long argued that many of the items CBS and Paramount had claimed were protected by copyright were actually in the public domain or so vaguely drawn as to not merit protection. Included in that claim were the Star Trek aliens Vulcans and Klingons, and even the lead Axanar character himself, Garth of Izar. Klingons and Vulcans The judge rejected those arguments with regard to Star Trek’s most prominent alien species: Klingons are a militaristic, alien species from the planet Qo’noS. They are long-time enemies of the Federation. Klingons have distinctive physical features including ridged foreheads, dark hair and skin, and upward sloping eyebrows. Klingon men have facial hair. Vulcans are a part of the Federation, a species that suppresses emotions in favor of logic and reason. They are advanced technologically. Vulcans have pointed ears and upswept eyebrows. Vulcan men usually have a bowl-shaped haircut. Taken together, these characteristics of Klingons and Vulcans are not “elements of expression[s] that necessarily follow from the idea” behind the expressions (visual expressions, for example) and may be entitled to copyright protection. Garth of Izar And with regard to Garth, Klausner applied the same three-part test to determine his copyrightability: That the character must demonstrate both physical and conceptual qualities; that he be sufficiently recognizable as the same character whenever he appears, and that he be especially distinctive with some unique elements of expression: Since Garth has appeared as a live character, he has physical as well as conceptual qualities. As stated above, Garth was a former starship captain and was famous among Starfleet officers for his exploits in the Battle of Axanar. In fact, his exploits were required reading at the Starfleet Academy. He charted more planets than any other Starfleet captain. In the episode, Garth discussed his victory in the Battle of Axanar with Captain Kirk, the Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise. In addition, a 2003 novel, titled Garth of Izar and copyrighted by Paramount, further developed the character. Garth’s identity as a Federation hero sufficiently delineates him and sets him apart from a stock spaceship officer. Why Fair Use Was Denied The central part of the defense case was the idea that Axanar’s approach to Star Trek was to transform it, to give it new meaning because of the way Peters and his team portrayed a Star Trek story. That notion of transformativeness lies at the heart of fair use, a provision of U.S. copyright law stating that certain uses of others’ intellectual property should be allowed because...
  • CBS and Alcatel Reveal First “Star Trek: Discovery” Ad Tie-in With 360° Video
    04.01.2017 21:14:54
    CBS and Alcatel Reveal First “Star Trek: Discovery” Ad Tie-in With 360° Video
    Alcatel, a large North American mobile phone manufacturer, has partnered with CBS Interactive to debut what they are calling a “VR experience” at major tech conference CES 2017. The 360° video is hosted on CBS’s YouTube channel and is the first advertisement tie-in for Star Trek: Discovery although it does not contain any material directly related to the network’s newest Star Trek series. On a desktop? Use the arrow pad in the upper left to look around. On Mobile, simply move the phone to look around The video is a 3D rendering of several famous Star Trek ships, starting with the Enterprise NX-01, then panning back to reveal the NCC-1701, the 1701-D. Eagle-eyed viewers will also catch a cargo ship from The Animated Series in there! The clip, set to music from The Next Generation, ends with the logo for Star Trek: Discovery and the words, “Coming May 2017”. “The Star Trek legacy is among the most iconic in American pop culture. Partnering with CBS Interactive to bring these quintessential show experiences to life not only expands our brand presence here in North America, but also honors our commitment to delivering consumers rich, engaging content,” said Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager of Alcatel’s parent company TCL Communication. Sadly, the video does not reveal anything related to Star Trek: Discovery, but perhaps it will drum up some more excitement for the show before its debut on CBS this May.
  • COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Boldly Go #3
    03.01.2017 23:00:47
    COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Boldly Go #3
    Relevancy has never concerned the Borg. In Star Trek: Boldly Go #3, the relentless foe explains resistance, ignorance, empire, wrath and luck are all irrelevant when it comes to their mission. Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen resume the series’ opening arc, as the Kelvin Universe crew attempts to rescue its comrades and stop the Borg. One of the great joys of Star Trek: Boldly Go thus far is Mike Johnson’s decision to have the Borg encounter the Romulans. In five television series (well, three) and Star Trek: First Contact, the cybernetic organisms never faced another Alpha Quadrant species. Watching the suspicious and militaristic Romulan society face the Borg is intriguing, especially since they have no idea about the foe they face. Ripples from the 2009 film continue to have a lasting effect on the Kelvin timeline, as the Borg arrive a century earlier than they had in the Prime universe. Johnson’s use of the Narada as the MacGuffin to pull the Borg into play much earlier is fascinating, and demonstrates the continued repercussion of Nero’s revenge against Spock Prime and the Federation. If J.J. Abrams’ film showed fans anything, it was that all bets are off when it comes to storytelling in this new Final Frontier. Whether it’s the destruction of Vulcan or the Borg attacking Romulus, the rules have changed and Johnson is taking full advantage of the new paradigm. While part of the new series’ premise was to show the crew being split up after the defeat of Krall and before the launch of the Enterprise-A, most of the usual suspects find their way onto the U.S.S. Endeavour (Kirk’s temporary command). McCoy and Chekov have been assigned along with Kirk, and Spock, Sulu and Uhura are not members of the crew, but they play a role in understanding the connection between the Borg and the Narada. Shasteen’s storytelling and likenesses are on point, and he adds new characters like the Endeavour’s first officer, Commander Valas (a half-Romulan, half-Terran), and a Borgified Captain Terrell. His action sequences are exciting, whether it’s the Borg attack on a Romulan subspace station or interrogation of Romulan officers. In fact, this Universe’s Borg appear to be more physical and violent than their Prime counterparts – all the better. Fans of IDW’s first ongoing Star Trek monthly series, which ended in August after five years to give way to Boldly Go, will not be disappointed with the direction Johnson and Shasteen are heading.  As the Borg say,”resistance is futile”.
Star Trek News, Reviews, and Fandom
  • CBS, Paramount Settle ‘Axanar’ Lawsuit
    20.01.2017 22:58:48
    The legal battle between CBS/Paramount and Alec Peters and his production company, Axanar Productions, Inc., seems to finally be over. The two parties settled the copyright lawsuit brought by the two television companies, copyright holders to Star Trek, against Peters and his fan films. CBS and Paramount claimed Peters had broken copyright law by using […]
  • Remembering DeForest Kelley, On His 97th Birthday
    20.01.2017 16:20:54
    On what would have been his 97th birthday, we here at TrekNews.net would like to acknowledge DeForest Kelley. His iconic portrayal of Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek, made him household name and propelled the Georgia-native from a supporting character in the first season of the series to the main cast in the following […]
  • James Frain Cast As Spock’s Father In Star Trek: Discovery
    18.01.2017 20:23:08
    British actor, James Frain, will play Spock’s father, Sarek, on Star Trek: Discovery, when it launches later this year. The casting news was announced on Wednesday by CBS Television Studios. Frain’s resume includes work on Agent Carter, Orphan Black, Gotham, Prime Suspect, Elizabeth, The Tudors, FlashForward, True Blood and Tron Legacy. The Sarek character was […]
  • Star Trek: Discovery Likely Delayed, Again
    18.01.2017 20:20:22
    For the second time, CBS will likely push back the planned launch of Star Trek: Discovery. Originally scheduled to premiere this monthly, the show was delayed until May, back in September and it now appears that date will be missed, as well. According to a CBS press release, the network will be flexible about Discovery‘s […]
  • George Takei’s Hope For Star Trek: Discovery, Appearing In Boston Next Month
    18.01.2017 19:50:49
    Star Trek‘s original Hikaru Sulu, George Takei, recently spoke to TrekNews.net about his hope for Star Trek: Discovery, which launches later this year. For a wide variety of reasons, Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series had—and continues to have—such a profound impact on so many of us. With the launch of Star Trek: Discovery right […]
  • Star Trek: Discovery To Begin Filming Next Week
    17.01.2017 22:08:31
    With the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery just five months away, the franchise’s highly-anticipated return to television is finally set to begin filming next week in Toronto. After suffering a few setbacks — including the show’s launch being pushed back and the departure of Bryan Fuller — the filming of Discovery will commence on January […]
  • Who Is The Best Starfleet Captain?
    17.01.2017 13:55:49
    A few weeks ago, I finished watching all of the Star Trek series and movies. (Finally, after about 4 years!) Now that I’m done, I find myself wondering a lot how I would rank the series or captains from best to worst, favorite to least favorite. When it comes to captains, there is a distinction […]
  • Chris Hemsworth Says He’s Already Discussed His Return To Star Trek With J.J. Abrams
    11.01.2017 01:37:43
    It’s becoming more and more likely that we’ll see Chris Hemsworth return to the role of George Kirk in the fourth Star Trek Kelvin Timeline film. According to Hemsworth himself, he’s already discussed the project with producer J.J. Abrams. Hemsworth, who only appeared on screen for a short time as James T. Kirk’s father (before […]
  • Six Things We’re Most Looking Forward To In 2017
    10.01.2017 13:45:13
    2016 may have been an historic milestone in Star Trek history, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to in 2017! In fact, 2017 will be a momentous year for Star Trek in its own way, as not only are fans treated to numerous products worth a look, but the franchise will be […]
  • CBS Interactive CEO Talks Star Trek: Discovery, All Access, Bryan Fuller’s Exit
    07.01.2017 15:46:03
    CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone recently discussed CBS All Access and the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. Lanzone is in charge of CBS’s digital platforms and content. He was hired to take CBS “over the top,” which is industry speak for moving content to delivery over the internet rather than the traditional cable subscription. During […]
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Sonstige SF-News
Kino/Fernsehen Comics
SF-Radio: WebBeat
  • Trailer zu Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound
    12.04.2013 03:24:31
    Thema: Kino 
    Regisseur/Autor Leonardo Antonio hat eine ungewöhnliche Perspektive für seinen Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound gewählt: die eines ungeborenen Kindes, das aus dem Bauch seiner durch Brandwunden schwer entstellten und im Koma liegenden Mutter das Geschehen kommentiert. (mehr)
  • Jetzt wir's immer bunter: Fox macht Firefly-Fans Probleme
    11.04.2013 13:26:40
    Thema: Serien 
    Fans der Seite Firefly sind machmal auch an ihren selbstgemachten Strickmützen zu erkennen. Jayne (Adam Baldwin) hatte in der Folge "The Message" eine orangegelbe Strickmütze in einem Carepaket von seiner Mutti bekommen und damit die Fangemeinde begeistert. Nun hat sich der Sender Fox, bei dem die Rechte an Firefly und dem Strickobjekt liegen eingeschaltet...
  • Matt Damon stürmt Elysium
    10.04.2013 11:12:33
    Thema: Kino 
    Ihr erinnert euch an Neil Blomenkamp? Den Regisseur von District 9? Den hat die Faszination für Science Fiction nicht verlassen und sein neues Projekt Elysium mit Matt Damon in der Hauptrolle steht schon in den Startlöchern. Damon darf sich mal wieder als Action-Star versuchen, denn er soll die Menschen auf der Erde retten. Die leben im Jahr 2159 in furchtbaren Zuständen, während einige Reiche auf einer Raumstation in Saus und Braus leben. Der Film läuft am 22. August in Deutschland an, mit dabei ist auch Sharlto Copley, der Hauptdarsteller aus District 9.
  • Mal wieder eine Dracula-Verfilmung
    10.04.2013 03:34:17
    Thema: Kino 
    Ursprünglich sollte der Film Dracula Year Zero heißen, doch mittlerweile hat man sich für den klassischen Titel Dracula entschieden. Dabei hätte der Titel gut gepasst, denn Regieneuling Gary Shore wählt einen etwas anderen Ansatz als sonst. (mehr)
  • Damon Lindelof produziert Mysteryserie für HBO
    10.04.2013 03:14:48
    Thema: Science Fiction 
    In The Leftovers, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Tom Perrotta basiert, geht es um die Kleinstadt Mapleton, in der auf einmal eine Reihe von Einwohnern verschwinden. Die Zurückgebliebenen glauben, dass sie "entrückt" worden sind, also von Gott in den Himmel gerufen wurden. Im christlichen Glauben läutet dieses Phänomen die Endzeit ein. Kein Wunder also, dass die nicht entrückten Einwohner von Mapleton ein wenig frustriert sind und sich fragen, was sie falsch gemacht haben.
  • Neues Featurette zu Iron Man 3
    09.04.2013 21:23:39
    Thema: Kino 
    In einem neuen Featurette zu Iron Man 3 sprechen die Schauspieler über ihre Figuren, was den dritten Teil von seinen Vorgängern unterscheidet und was die Zuschauer erwartet.  Zu Wort kommen neben  auch Robert Downey Jr., Gwynneth Paltrow und John Favreau. Der Streifen läuft am 1. Mai in Deutschland an.
  • Action auf indisch: Idharammyilatho
    09.04.2013 13:32:43
    Thema: Kino 
    Hauptdarsteller Allu Arjun, der von seinen Fans entweder Stylish Star oder Bunny (?) genannt wird, ist einer der großen Stars des Tollywood-Kinos, der Filmindustrie, die ihren Sitz im indischen Staat Andhra Pradesh hat. In Idharammyilatho (noch nie war ich so dankbar für Copy/Paste) spielt er einen netten Typen, der aus irgendwelchen, im Trailer schleierhaft bleibenden Gründen zur Mordmaschine wird.
  • Bunyip: ein uraustralischer Monsterfilm
    09.04.2013 12:43:57
    Thema: Kino 
    Bei einem Bunyip handelt es sich um ein Monster aus der Mythologie der australischen Ureinwohner, das sich meistens in Sümpfen herumtreibt und Menschen frisst. Es gibt keine verlässlichen Aussagen über sein Aussehen (sagt Wikipedia), aber die Filmemacher Miri Stone und Denby Weller stellen ihn sich so vor. (mehr)
  • Wahrscheinlich kein Hellboy 3
    09.04.2013 02:43:23
    Thema: Kino 
    Guillermo del Toro hat nie offiziell ausgeschlossen, dass er einen dritten Hellboy-Film machen möchte, und auch Ron Perlman hat mehrfach gesagt, er ginge davon aus, dass Teil 3 kommen wird. Nun hat Hellboy-Erfinder Mike Mignola jedoch in einem Interview mit Comic Book Resources praktisch in einem Nebensatz erklärt, dass dem nicht so ist. (mehr)
  • Britain is Great: ein neues Star Trek-Poster
    08.04.2013 22:09:14
    Thema: Kino 
    Das neue Poster zu J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness zeigt zwar nichts, was mit Star Trek zu tun hat, dafür den britischen Sherlock-Darsteller und Schauspiel-Export-Schlager Benedict Cumberbatch vor einem brennenden London des 23. Jahrhunderts.
SF-Radio: WebBeat
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Aktuelle News im Diskussionsforum des Thoregon Münster e.V.
  • Michael Pena untersucht "The Bringing"
    20.08.2016 13:42:40
    Thema: Horror Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 12:42: Michael Pena (Ant-Man; The Martian) hat für eine Rolle im Horror-Thriller "The Bringing" von "Sherlock" Regisseur Jeremy Lovering bei Columbia Pictures unterschrieben. ...
  • Jared Leto kommt zur "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung
    20.08.2016 13:30:51
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 12:30: Jared Leto (suicide Squad) kommt zur Cast von Denis Villeneuves "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung bei Alcon Entertainment. ...
  • Keira Knightley spielt die Zuckerfee im "Nussknacker"
    18.08.2016 13:40:10
    Thema: Fantasy Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 12:40: Keira Knightley wird die Zuckerfee in der kommenden Realverfilmung von "Der Nussknacker" bei Disney Pictures spielen. ...
  • Scott Eastwood macht mit "Ecstasia" Science Ficiton
    18.08.2016 12:48:05
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 11:48: "Fast And The Furios 8" und "Suicide Squad" Schauspieler Scott Eastwood probiert nun das Science Fiction Genre aus, im dem er zur Cast von "Ecstasia" unter der Regie von "The...
  • "Star Wars" Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist tot
    15.08.2016 10:17:01
    Thema: Darsteller, Autoren, Zeichner, usw. 
    Von AllanDanton am 15.08.2016 09:17: Der berühmte britische Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist im Alter von 83 Jahren nach langer Krankheit verstorben, wie der Guardian berichtet. Der nur 1,12 Meter große Baker ist wohl am besten bekannt für seine Rolle des R2-D2...
  • Zweiter Trailer zu "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
    12.08.2016 16:03:32
    Thema: Star Wars 
    Von AllanDanton am 12.08.2016 15:03: Einige Monate nach dem ersten Teaser haben Walt Disney Pictures und Lucasfilm nun den zweiten Trailer von "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" unter der Regie von Gareth Edwards veröffentlicht: ...
  • Warner entwickelt "Man of Steel 2"
    10.08.2016 16:11:08
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 15:11: Nachdem der erste "Man of Steel" der bislang bei den Kritiken erfolgreichste Film der DC Extended Universe Filme ist, ist es wenig überraschend, das Warner Bros. Pictures aktiv mit der Entwicklung einer direkten Fortsetzung...
  • Liosngate begründet, warum "Divergent" in TV wechselt
    10.08.2016 15:57:00
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 14:57: Vor einige Wochen hat Lionsgate überraschend bekanntgegeben, dass sie den vierten und letzten "Divergent" Kinofilm zu Gunsten eines abschließenden TV-Films und eines möglichen Spinoff-TV-Serie wegfallen...
  • DIsney bestätigt Titeländerungen der nächste "Avengers" Filme
    04.08.2016 13:54:31
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 12:54: Disney und Marvel Studios haben bestätigt, dass sie ihren "Avengers: Infinity War" Filmzweiteiler neu benennen werden, ähnlich wie es DC bei "Hustice League" und Lionsgate beim...
  • Joe Carnahan schreibt "Uncharted" Film
    04.08.2016 11:30:52
    Thema: Computer- und Konsolen-Spiele 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 10:30: "The Grey" und "Narc" Regisseur Joe Carnahan ist an Bord gekommen, um den aktuellsten Script-Entwurf für die Film-Adaption der "Uncharted" Videospiel-Reihe bei Sony Pictures zu schreiben....

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