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  • EXCLUSIVE: TrekMovie Talks to Nicholas Meyer About “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
    06.12.2016 17:00:39
    EXCLUSIVE: TrekMovie Talks to Nicholas Meyer About “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
    For the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country this week, TrekMovie had the pleasure and honor of speaking with writer/director Nicholas Meyer about the film’s legacy, what he would have changed about the film, the possibility of a director’s cut, and the film’s position in the Star Trek franchise. This interview was conducted in mid-September 2016. As per our agreement with CBS to interview Meyer, we were not allowed to ask any questions about Star Trek: Discovery. Looking Back on Star Trek VI TrekMovie: When is the last time you saw the film? Nicholas Meyer: I think within the past five years. My memory of it is pretty vivid. It’s also true that one’s experience of a film is inevitably colored by the audience with whom you watch it, and when you are watching a film with an audience who is loving it, the film plays great. When you are watching a film, maybe a comedy, and there’s only three people there and suddenly it isn’t as funny. I’ve been fortunate to see The Undiscovered Country with an audience, and I remember once the Air Force showed it and I watched it with a whole bunch of [Airmen] and it played like gangbusters. TM: Was that a USO event? Meyer: I can’t remember. That was almost ten years ago. I think in a way The Undiscovered Country is a very odd film in the context of what you call “the franchise.” It is without a doubt, it is the grittiest and most realistic, and most realistically bound. This is just my opinion. It was inspired by the headlines, and it was inspired by a changing world that we were trying to keep up with it, and in some cases we not only kept up with it, but we were ahead of it. And in other cases, as time has passed, we were behind. We were wrong about things. We were absolutely right about the Soviet coup, in fact, when former Soviet Union leader [Mikhail] Gorbachev was abducted and no one knew whether he was dead or alive we were already in the cutting room. We’d already killed him in the movie. In that sense, we predicted the Soviet coup and we were ahead. But in terms of what happened afterwards, and the notion that we were all destined for a much better world than it was, as Francis Fukuyama suggested “the end of history,” and that people who tried to prevent that—the conspirators—were in a sense just scaredy-cats. As Kirk says, “people can be very frightened of change.” But, in fact, the change that came is a lot more awful than what was before, so in that sense the film has dated in a weird way. There are other things about it…I find the mind meld is kind of like waterboarding to me and it’s uncomfortable to watch. TM: I remember that being described almost as an “erotic” scene in commentaries. Meyer: Well never mind what it’s described as, when you watch it…is she in distress? Is this a form of enhanced interrogation? The two, by the way, are not mutually exclusive. It’s erotic, but also he’s trying to pry information out of her. The Undiscovered Country – After the Cold War on Earth and in Space TM: When you say that we’ve gone to a world that’s not better, I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes things seemed simpler with the Soviet Union compared to now with the different threats that we face. Meyer: Yeah you had the illusion that there was an ability to control actors, by which I mean what we call good actors and bad actors, not as in performers but as in… TM: Like state and non-state actors. I think what makes this particular anniversary really interesting is that, Star Trek VI when it was released in 1991, came at nearly the midpoint of the 50th anniversary. Looking back on the film yourself, is there anything you would like to have changed? Meyer: Well, I’m not sure how to answered that question, or perhaps I’ve already answered it. In Hillary Clinton’s famous formulation, “knowing then what I know now,” I guess I wouldn’t have done the mind meld the way I did it. I would have tried to find another solution to that. I should insert here somewhere along the way that the artist, in this case me, is not the answer to a book of math equations at the back. I am merely another person speculating, and I have no authority. I have no definitive rights. The author loses all proprietary control over his work when it’s finished and out there. And so whatever I say now has to be understood as being just one other opinion, and maybe not the right one or the only one. I think when I look at the movie, and I listen to Kirk say “people can be very frightened of change,” I think there is, for my money, a kind of implicit smugness about those sentiments. We were so sure that it was all going to be a bed of roses. And looking back, the film is an interesting artifact of the time and circumstances surrounding its creation. Art and Hollywood Meyer: All art inevitably is a product of the time in which it was done. If I were to show you four movies that took place in 1776, and the first movie was made in 1923, and the second one was made in 1947, and the third was made in 1972, and so on, you would know within five years of watching a clip from any of these movies when they were made. TM: Right. It’s sort of like looking at the original Manchurian Candidate versus the terrible remake that they did with Denzel Washington… Meyer: I don’t even discuss any Manchurian Candidate but one. I will not discuss any Robin Hood but one. There are no others....
  • “Star Trek: Discovery” Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman Elated Over New Castings
    05.12.2016 21:15:04
    Star Trek: Discovery Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman expressed his excitement at the casting of Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp, and Doug Jones in a recent interview with IGN. Reflecting on his enthusiasm, and the role played by Michelle Yeoh of Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou, Kurtzman said “I think that Michelle gets to play a part that has so many dimensions to it and is so perfect for where we want to go over the course of the season and maybe even beyond.” On Doug Jones’ casting of new alien officer Lieutenant Saru, Kurtzman stated: “Doug Jones, you know, [is] one of the greatest. What he did in Pan’s Labyrinth has embedded itself in my mind forever. So when you think about the opportunity, what you want to do when you’re creating a creature of some kind is cast an actor who has the ability to pull off the bulk of it in a practical way and that requires a real understanding of movement. And again, Sofia [Boutella]’s ability, because she’s a dancer, she had an innate understanding. It’s just in her DNA to understand how to move in that way. Doug obviously carries the same thing.” Kurtzman drew parallels between Jones and Star Trek Beyond‘s Sofia Boutella, who will play Ahmanet in 2017’s The Mummy, which Kurtzman is directing. Commenting on Anthony Rapp’s casting as Lieutenant Stamets, a science officer aboard the Discovery, Kurtzman had this to say: “I’ve been a fan of Anthony’s for a long time. He’s just a brilliant actor. It’s always just about how do you find actors who are, it’s always who’s right for the part, but it’s also there’s a lovely diversity that Star Trek has always been about. As we build the cast, because there are still a lot of parts to cast, we were excited that people seemed to be so excited about our first three choices.”
  • BREAKING: Bryan Fuller’s Departure from “Star Trek: Discovery” is Bittersweet, and Final
    02.12.2016 19:06:04
    Former Star Trek: Discovery Executive Producer Bryan Fuller is no longer actively involved in the series.
  • Is Captain Jellico Actually Awesome? One YouTuber Insists He Is
    02.12.2016 17:00:19
    Is Captain Jellico Actually Awesome? One YouTuber Insists He Is
    Is the “mean captain” from Chain of Command not really mean, but just a pushy boss? Might he actually be awesome? One YouTuber says yes. The Next Generation two-parter “Chain of Command” makes its way on to a lot of top 10 lists, with many people – including some here at TrekMovie – insisting that it’s even better than “Best of Both Worlds.” What makes the episode so great is not just the A story conflict between Picard and Gul Madred, but the B story conflict between Riker and Captain Jellico, played wonderfully by Ronny Cox. While the episode is a fan favorite, Jellico isn’t: people see the character as the kind of unpleasant boss you hope that humanity evolves beyond! But YouTuber Steve Shives contends in his video, “Why Captain Jellico is Actually Pretty Awesome”, that the character isn’t cruel just determined to win against the Cardassians – because losing to them could mean millions of lives. Steve also points out that maybe Riker needs to get over the fact that not everyone in the world needs to find him adorable. The video was posted in April, but got more attention recently thanks to the Star Trek subreddit. As of this writing, it has more than 112,000 views. (Embedding is disabled, but you can find the video here.) And if this video doesn’t do it for you, check out this supercut of every time someone on Voyager used the phrase “Some kind of …”
  • Forgotten Roddenberry: Spectre
    01.12.2016 21:30:21
    Forgotten Roddenberry: Spectre
    Welcome back to our bi-weekly series on Gene Roddenberry’s work between Star Trek incarnations. Last time we looked at the most optimistic post-apocalypse ever filmed, Genesis II. This time we check out Gene’s take on devil worship, Spectre. I hadn’t seen Spectre yet when I decided to write this series of reviews. From what I had read the film was a straight horror/mystery focusing on the occult. Considering much of this series is going to examine Gene’s attitude toward sexuality and gender roles I was a bit worried about how Spectre would fit into that narrative. So, when the kinky schoolgirl and the dominatrix showed up halfway through the movie I literally let out a fist-pumping “YES!”   By 1977, when Spectre aired, people in the United States were well aware of both personality-based cults and alternative religions. The nation’s youth were exploring everything from Eastern mysticism to pre-Christian European paganism. Such “witchcraft cults” were the subject of horror movies like 1969’s Curse of the Crimson Altar. But it wasn’t until 1981, with the rise of the so-called “Moral Majority” and the publishing of fabricated memoir/case study “Michelle Remembers”, that Satanic Cults in particular and their penchant for rape and human sacrifice became a national obsession. Not even Twisted Sister was safe. So it comes as an interesting little surprise that Gene Roddenberry produced a film on Satanic ritual abuse four years before Christians lost their collective minds over it.   With the help of Samuel A. Peeples, the creative force behind the pilot episodes of both the original Star Trek and it’s animated series, Roddenberry not only headed off the Christian Right, but Chris Carter as well. Spectre, at it’s core, is an X-Files episode with an orgy tacked on to the end. It features the unlikely pairing of Robert Culp as William Sebastian, the always prepared criminologist and occult expert, and Gig Young as Dr. Amos “Ham” Hamilton, the medical doctor man of science. While this is certainly not the first depiction of paranormal investigation put on film – Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which had a very similar premise had just finished airing two years earlier – it was the first time I can find that a believer and a scientist were paired as a foil for one another. Together William and Ham work to solve the mystery of Cyon House while dodging hell demons, death traps, lizard men, and hordes of sex nymphs.     And sex nymphs there are aplenty. I could almost make the case that Spectre is more of a low-grade sexploitation film with the trappings of a horror/mystery than a horror/mystery with sexual undertones. Gene had already written and produced the sexplotation flick Pretty Maids All in a Row in 1971, so this would have been a genre he was quite familiar with. The film even begins with William being cornered by a sultry succubus pretending to be his latest client, Anitra Cyon. The creature visits while William is trying to convince Ham to come with him to London to investigate her case. In a previous encounter with a demon, William was near fatally wounded by a voodoo doll. There is a wound in his heart, yet no object ever pierced him. Ham is to keep watch over his condition and make sure he doesn’t overexert himself “physically or sexually” lest he succumb to his wound.     The succubus uses all its feminine wiles to convince William that there is no need for him to go to London. All the talk of her brother Geoffrey being possessed was a mistake, and every supernatural goings-on was easily explainable. The interaction brings to mind Jim Kirk and every single woman he’s ever encountered in space. William is having none of it and keeps attempting to get the succubus to touch something religious in nature until he finally thrusts the Book of Tobin into her chest and she begins to painfully vaporize. Ham attempts to enter the room during her death throes, but William pushes him out and locks the door until the succubus is fully extinguished.   Ham, partially out of loyalty but mostly to find out what happened to the hot chick, finally agrees to go to London. They take the Cyon’s private plane which is piloted by the youngest and meekest Cyon sibling, Mitri, played by elephant man and alien incubator John Hurt. William spends the entire plane ride trying to convince Ham that the occult is real, something he could have easily done if he’d just let Ham see the succubus exploding on his library floor. But nay! That would be far too easy for an internationally renowned, fancy-pants criminologist.   There are quite a few opinions about the genesis of the relationship between William and Ham. Like most Roddenberry pairings the duo have good chemistry and their friendship is believable and, at times, down right touching despite their stark differences. Some find parallels in the Spock/McCoy relationship, but I don’t see it. Spock is a blank faced rationalist. William is an overly bright madman with strange ideas about the unseen world. McCoy is a humanitarian and optimist with an righteous moral center. Ham is a drunk with a cynical take on everything. Spock and McCoy also couldn’t exist without Kirk binding them together. Even in his absence he’s all they can talk about. Holmes and Watson are a closer match, but while Holmes was mad, he was also grounded in the material world, and Watson was always more impressed with Holmes than skeptical. William and Ham really are something unique: a pairing not seen again until The X-Files twenty years later, but unfortunately lacking Mulder and Scully’s secret desire to dry-hump one another.     I couldn’t help also feeling that Ham is a stand in for Roddenberry. Gene has inserted himself into his work on a few occasions, including as the boy-genius Wesley Crusher, whose first name is Gene’s middle one. But where Wesley is the Gene of his innocent youth, Ham is adult Gene with all his adult foibles and eccentricities. He’s an addict, a lech with a penchant for high cheekbones,...
  • Shuttle Pod 26: Captain Picard’s Best Speeches
    30.11.2016 23:25:52
    Picard is the kind of captain who can energize his crew with an inspiring speech right around the climax of an episode. Is Picard the best speech-giver in all of Star Trek? This week, the Shuttle Pod crew take a look at Picard’s best speeches. Subscribe to Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie.com Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Pocket Casts! Listen to the podcast to hear Picard’s best speeches and our thoughts on each, plus rewatch these classic moments below. Menage Troi “In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, for they in thee a thousand errors see. But ’tis my heart that loves what they despise, who in despite of view are please’d to dote. Shall I compare the to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” First Duty “You even sat in my chair. I was annoyed. Presumptuous child playing on my ship. But I never forgot how you already knew every control, every display. You behaved as though you belonged on the Bridge. And then later when I decided to make you an acting ensign, I was convinced you could be an outstanding officer. I’ve never questioned that conviction, until now. The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth. Whether it’s scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth. It is the guiding principle upon which Starfleet is based. If you can’t find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth about what happened you don’t deserve to wear that uniform. I’m going to make this simple for you, Mister Crusher. Either you come forward and tell Admiral Brand what really took place, or I will.” And, the obligatory “Picard Song” that pulls heavily from this speech: A Matter of Time “I know, Professor, “What if one of those lives I save down there is a child who grows up to be the next Adolf Hitler or Khan Singh?” First year philosophy students have been asked that question ever since the earliest wormholes were discovered. But this is not a class in temporal logic… It’s not hypothetical, it’s real. Can’t you see that? A man’s life, his future, hinges on each of a thousand choices. Living is making choices.” First Contact “I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We’ve made too many compromises already. Too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here, …this far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done.” Star Trek: Generations (ending) “Someone once told me that time is a predator that stalks us all our lives, but I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey, reminds us to cherish every moment, because they’ll never come again. What we leave behind is not is important as how we lived. After all, Number One, we’re only mortal.” Measure of a Man “You see, he’s met two of your three criteria for sentience, so what if he meets the third. Consciousness in even the smallest degree. What is he then? I don’t know. Do you? (to Riker) Do you? (to Phillipa) Do you? Well, that’s the question you have to answer. Your Honour, the courtroom is a crucible. In it we burn away irrelevancies until we are left with a pure product, the truth for all time. Now, sooner or later, this man or others like him will succeed in replicating Commander Data. And the decision you reach here today will determine how we will regard this creation of our genius. It will reveal the kind of a people we are, what he is destined to be. It will reach far beyond this courtroom and this one android. It could significantly redefine the boundaries of personal liberty and freedom, expanding them for some, savagely curtailing them for others. Are you prepared to condemn him and all who come after him to servitude and slavery? Your Honour, Starfleet was founded to seek out new life. Well, there it sits. Waiting. You wanted a chance to make law. Well, here it is. Make a good one.”
  • COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Waypoint #2
    30.11.2016 18:00:46
    COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Waypoint #2
    Assembling the single greatest collection of writers and artist in the cosmos, IDW Group Editor Sarah Gaydos had her pick when it came time to finding talent to contribute to her Star Trek: Waypoint anthology. After the first issue split time between The Next Generation and The Original Series, issue two focuses solely on TOS, but not in a way readers might expect. In an upcoming interview with TrekMovie, authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore described their contribution to this issue as “offbeat”. Fans familiar with the wackiness, fondness and fandom authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore possess for the franchise will not be surprised with the result. The writing duo’s story is certainly unconventional, as the pair went back to the very beginning of published Star Trek comics for their inspiration – the world of Gold Key Comics. Flaming warp nacelles, a backpacked “exploration” team and squaring off against robots to save a civilization from the Klingons are what readers will have to look forward to while reading “The Menace of the Mechanitrons”, which captures all the charm of the original Gold Key stories. While Ward and Dilmore were more than up to the task of writing the tale, the real test came in the presentation of the issue. Thrust back 50 years upon opening to page one, readers will immediately notice the faded colors in which the story is told. Colorist Jason Lewis supplies the issue with the absolute correct feel, while longtime Star Trek artist Gordon Purcell’s captures the quirky visual storytelling style. For fans of the original Gold Key Comics, “Mechanitrons” will certainly be a nostalgic ride to a time when the world was more innocent. For fans not familiar with the comics, it will give them a glimpse into how the illustrated stories of the Final Frontier were once presented. Poignancy marks the second story of issue two, as writer Sam Maggs presents a tale from the point of view of Yeoman Leslie Thompson, one of the many Enterprise crew members who were turned into dehydrated cuboctahedrals in the episode “By Any Other Name.” Rather than walk readers through her story up until this moment, he presents it in clever way that should leave an emotional impact on readers. Joining Maggs on issue two is artist Rachel Stott, who previously illustrated the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes mini-series in 2015, as well as colorist Mark Roberts.  Her character likenesses are spot on, and she moves seamlessly from the classic episodes to uncharted Starfleet Academy territory. Two issues into its eight-issue run and the bi-monthly Star Trek: Waypoint has yet to disappoint. With a a Deep Space Nine story on the horizon for January’s issue #3, it is evident that the miniseries is just getting started.
  • BREAKING: Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp Join Michelle Yeoh Onboard “Star Trek: Discovery”
    29.11.2016 19:49:50
    BREAKING: Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp Join Michelle Yeoh Onboard “Star Trek: Discovery”
    Two new stars have joined the crew of the USS Discovery. CBS is confirming that Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp will star in Star Trek: Discovery as Lt. Saru, an alien Starfleet science officer and Lt. Stamets, an astromycologist. First official casting announcement confirmed CBS is officially confirming the announcement of two new crew members who will board the USS Discovery this May: Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp. They are also confirming that Michelle Yeoh has been cast as Captain Georgiou of the Starship Shenzhou. This is an update from original reports that her character would be named Captain Han Bo. A press release announcing the news was sent out at 10:31 PST this morning (I see what you did there, CBS!). Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Falling Skies) will play Lt. Saru, a Starfleet science officer and a member of an alien species unseen before in the Star Trek universe. Welp. Looks like I can tell you some good news today…. https://t.co/fQEW6NV6kN — Doug Jones (@actordougjones) November 29, 2016 Rapp (RENT, A Beautiful Mind) will portray the role of Lt. Stamets, an astromycologist (fungus expert) and science officer. Lt. Stamets is confirmed to be the first ever openly gay character in the history of Star Trek on television (he’s second if you count Sulu in Star Trek Beyond). So proud to be a part of this journey. I’m a longtime fan and super geek of the highest order. https://t.co/WCO3ulM7Gm — Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) November 29, 2016 With the help of my friend Bill’s collection of all things @startrek I am doing a deep dive into the lore in prep for @startrekcbs pic.twitter.com/yB99dScL5t — Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) November 30, 2016
  • Gene Roddenberry’s Abandoned Star Trek II Film Concept
    28.11.2016 17:00:45
    After the success of Star Trek: The Motion Picture at the box office, Gene Roddenberry immediately got to work on a sequel. Little did he know that Paramount was in the process of sidelining him into a consulting producer role and his story for Star Trek II would never be made. However, we have details of his concept and it just may surprise you. Kirk meets JFK? Spock is the man on the grassy knoll? Gene Roddenberry put together a sixty-page treatment for a sequel to Star Trek: The Motion Picture in the Spring of 1980, according to The 50 Year Mission by Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman. Despite TMP making $139 million worldwide, with $82.2 of its gross being made domestically, Roddenberry was stung by criticism of his first outing on the silver screen. Roddenberry’s Idea for Star Trek II Roddenberry decided to write a sequel that got back to the elements that had made Star Trek so popular: the Klingons, time travel, the Guardian of Forever, and Sarek and Amanda. In the story, the Enterprise returns to Earth to find bodies floating in space. They eventually discover that history has been changed by the Klingons and the Federation no longer exists. As to why the Enterprise still exists when the Federation does not, well the answer is that anyone traveling at warp speed when the change in the timeline occurred is immune. With the Federation never having existed, Earth is populated with a savage race of protohumans. The crew learns that the Klingons used the Guardian of Forever to go back in time and change history. When more Klingons arrive at Earth, the Enterprise hides behind the moon to evade detection. In San Francisco near the site of what would have been Starfleet Headquarters, Amanda is brutally raped by the Klingons and Sarek sacrifices his life to save Kirk and Spock. The crew returns to the planet where the Guardian is located to go back in time and reverse the damage that the Klingons had done. When a Klingon ship attempts to block a much larger Guardian portal, the Enterprise crashes through the Guardian and ends up crashing in Canada in the 1960s. A U-2 spy plane mistakes the crashed Enterprise for an alien spacecraft, which causes U.S. President John F. Kennedy to cancel his trip to Dallas in November 1963. This prevents JFK from being assassinated, thus altering the timeline. Realizing that they were the ones who altered the timeline, Captain Kirk visits JFK in the Oval Office. However, Kirk is not forced to ask the President to sacrifice himself to correct the timeline. Instead, the crew repair the timeline (mysteriously) that the Klingons disrupted and return to the 23rd century. To their surprise, Dr. McCoy returns to a wife due to the changes the Enterprise crew had made in the past. Further Revisions Eddie Egan, the unit publicist on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, stated that there was a revision that made the events of Roddenberry’s Star Trek II similar to the classic Original Series episode “The City on the Edge of Forever.” In order for history to be restored, Kennedy had to die. In this version, Spock appeared behind a fence and fired the fatal gunshot that assassinated JFK. This proposal reportedly horrified Paramount. Fans even began a letter-writing campaign based on rumors that Spock would be the shooter on the grassy knoll. These angry letters basically said “if Spock is the shooter on he grassy knoll, I will never watch again.” Paramount Grows Tired of Gene Roddenberry was promoted by Paramount in the early 1980s to the role of Executive Consultant, essentially cutting him out of creative input in the Star Trek film franchise. According to long-time assistant Susan Sackett, Paramount was looking for a scapegoat for their failure to hold back costs in the production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and they wanted anyone else but Roddenberry. TMP had run $10 million over budget, which Sackett contends was Paramount’s fault. Sackett, for her part, felt that Gene’s JFK story was “damn good,” and she does not know why they never did it. The Wrath of Paramount As a result of TMP’s budgetary issues, Paramount Pictures turned to Harve Bennett, the head of Paramount’s television division, in 1980 to produce the sequel to TMP. Bennett and Roddenberry reportedly clashed intensely during the production of The Wrath of Khan, even to the point where Bennett had Roddenberry thrown off the set after a particularly bitter dispute one day. For this story, and many others from the history of making Star Trek, check out Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross’s two-volume history, “The Fifty Year Mission.”
  • There Be Whales Here: The Voyage Home at 30
    25.11.2016 17:00:44
    On November 26, 1986 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home debuted on movie screens across the United States.  The film’s lighthearted tone and environmental message struck a chord with moviegoers, and became the first Star Trek film to have crossover appeal with mainstream audiences who normally wouldn’t be interested in the adventures of the Enterprise crew.  The movie often referred to as “the one with the whales” continues to charm audiences today, and we wanted to mark its 30th anniversary with a remembrance not only of the film, but of the time it was made in. We hope you enjoy it. “It’s going to have whales.” Sitting in a dimly lit Knights of Columbus hall in Mineola, N.Y., sometime in 1985 I heard those words from Adam Malin, the co-founder of Creation Entertainment, during a slide presentation about the following year’s highly anticipated Star Trek IV. “Whales and Eddie Murphy.” Excuse me? My Star Trek fever had reached its apex after devouring Star Trek II and III, as well as all 79 episodes of the Original Series in very rapid succession between 1983-85. After years of denying how awesome Star Trek was, now I couldn’t get enough. But whales and Eddie Murphy? Are you guys high? Try to picture a time with no Internet, no YouTube, when fandom was held together by conventions, fanzines, and genre magazines like Starlog and Cinefantastique. Creation Entertainment were the purveyors of said conventions since the early 70s, and as luck would have it, they decided to open a comic shop mere blocks from my home. I had yet to attend one of their bigger shows in New York City, but they would host local “mini-cons,” that were bare bones affairs (no celebs, no dealers, etc.) but they were fun nonetheless, and there they would share morsels of information they had gleaned from their contacts in fandom and I imagine, at Paramount. I was less concerned about the whale thing as I was the presence of Eddie Murphy. Don’t get me wrong: I loved him. Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours are still favorites of mine. But with his name attached, Star Trek IV became akin to Superman III, a disaster that shoehorned Richard Pryor together with the Man of Steel. The wounds were still fresh. In this information stone age that was as much as we got. We knew Leonard Nimoy would direct, having earned his stripes on Trek III. I remember seeing William Shatner on Merv Griffin saying he wanted “a little” more money. Salary negotiations and his T.J. Hooker schedule were holding up production. Fast forward to fall of 1986. I was feeling better about Trek IV. Eddie Murphy dropped out, and made The Golden Child. His character morphed into Gillian Taylor, the cetacean biologist played with pluck and zest by Catherine Hicks. Everything I saw and read made me confident this would be a winner. More than anything, I was confident Leonard Nimoy would deliver. And deliver he did.  Star Trek IV could’ve been an unmitigated disaster. In lesser hands, it would’ve been.  Nimoy and producer Harve Bennett felt as though a lighter touch was in order. After all the death, destruction (and resurrection) of the prior two films, it was time to lighten the mood. With a script assist from Trek II director Nicholas Meyer they balanced the lighter tone with a grand sense of adventure and excitement, with no moustache twirling villain in sight (if there was a villain it was the human race hunting a noble species to extinction). The story, that of an alien probe reigning destruction upon earth in a vain attempt to contact humpback whales, was a cautionary tale about our short sighted tendencies as a race, one that was never preachy or overbearing. The light moments sprouted organically from our intrepid 23rd century crew’s desperate attempts to fit into 1986 San Francisco while fighting a ticking clock in their attempt to bring two humpbacks forward in time to answer the probe. Nimoy had proven his worth as a director with Trek III. As he often said, the training wheels came off with Trek IV. He was allowed to make his movie. He delivered a film that pleased fans and the general public in equal measure, and the crossover appeal led to huge box office returns, making The Voyage Home easily the most successful of the TOS films to date. My Mom saw it. Leonard was particularly sensitive to the needs of his castmates, all of whom railed against the perfunctory dialogue they were often given, as well as their marginalized roles. Already well respected by his colleagues, Nimoy made sure each of them had their moment in the sun. Taking them out of their familiar roles on the bridge (or the engine room), each had an integral part to play in completing this most critical mission, and it was wonderful to see them stretch acting muscles left to atrophy. What a talented group of performers! Nimoy elicited wonderful performances from his actors (and himself!) and got the best from his talented crew. Not enough can be said about the man’s professionalism, ravenous intellectual curiosity, and human decency. In all my years as a fan, I have never heard anyone criticize him, and one need only seek out his son Adam’s recent documentary, “For the Love of Spock,” to understand the esteem with which he was held by all who knew him. Seriously, seek it out! As much as I loved James Horner’s previous scores for Trek II and III, Nimoy hired his friend Leonard Rosenman to write the music for The Voyage Home, and he delivered a buoyant, joyful soundtrack that perfectly matched the film’s tonal shift from heavy and operatic to light and fun. It remains one of my favorite Trek scores. The Voyage Home represents perhaps the apex of my Star Trek fandom. That isn’t to say it ever waned or wavered, but we were in the midst of an era when we still had new TOS movies on the horizon, and as much as I loved certain further iterations, nothing has ever eclipsed my love for the original crew. I was immersing myself in fandom, and meeting people who...
Star Trek News, Reviews, and Fandom
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary
    06.12.2016 17:37:49
    The last Star Trek film to feature the entire Original Series cast, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, celebrates its 25th anniversary today. A timely commentary on the end of the Cold War, The Undiscovered Country sees the crew of the Enterprise fight against conspirators intent on interrupting the potential peace between the Federation and […]
  • Jonathan Frakes, Terry Farrell & More Added to 2017 Vegas Convention
    06.12.2016 04:48:57
    Creation Entertainment, the organizers of the Official Star Trek Convention, have announced Jonathan Frakes, Terry Farrell, Nana Visitor, Connor Trinneer, Nicole de Boer, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Denise Crosby, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik, Vaughn Armstrong, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, and David Warner will join already-announced Original Series stars William Shatner, […]
  • Star Trek: Discovery EP Alex Kurtzman Talks Casting
    06.12.2016 02:29:35
    Since the initial announcement of Star Trek: Discovery late last year, co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman has been quiet on the new series. That is, until now. In a new interview, Kurtzman discussed the most recent casting announcement, he was decidedly tight-lipped about the show in general. “I will not give you one detail […]
  • [REVIEW] Hallmark’s Enterprise Christmas Ornament Celebrates 50 Years of Star Trek
    04.12.2016 17:33:11
    In 1991, Hallmark released their first Star Trek Christmas ornament to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic franchise. Now, 25 years later, Hallmark is back at it again, with a newly-designed U.S.S. Enterprise ornament to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The “gold-hued” ornament was designed by artist Lynn Norton, and comes with […]
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY To Begin Filming In January
    03.12.2016 16:45:58
    Following last week’s announcement of Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp and Michelle Yeoh officially being cast in Star Trek: Discovery, it now appears that set construction for the new series will be completed next month and shooting will begin sometime in January. As we’ve previously reported, the CBS All Access series will film at Toronto’s Pinewood […]
  • Bryan Fuller Talks “Bittersweet” Decision To Leave Star Trek: Discovery
    02.12.2016 19:59:40
    Bryan Fuller, who has been quiet about his decision to step down as Star Trek: Discovery showrunner and focus on other projects, recently discussed the factors that led to his exit from the show. “Ultimately, with my responsibilities [elsewhere], I could not do what CBS needed to have done in the time they needed it […]
  • WATCH: Sisko And Crew Sing “Wonderful Deep Space Nine”
    02.12.2016 03:16:10
    With Thanksgiving now in the rear-view mirror and the month of December finally upon us, the season of holiday decorating has begun. For many of us, that means Christmas trees, stockings hung on the mantle, wreaths on our front doors and strands of tiny lights strung up outside our homes. But what about Captain Benjamin […]
  • Star Trek Timelines Warps To Facebook
    01.12.2016 19:14:19
    Star Trek Timelines, a mobile strategy/role-playing game on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, is now available to even more players. The Facebook Gamesroom is the latest place where players can go to play Timelines. This release comes almost a year after the game launched to critical acclaim from developer Disruptor Beam. […]
  • First STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Cast Members Officially Announced
    29.11.2016 20:28:53
    CBS made some major announcements on Tuesday, revealing that Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp and Michelle Yeoh have all been cast for the upcoming All Access series Star Trek: Discovery. All three have been officially confirmed by CBS. Doug Jones will play the alien science officer, Lt. Saru. He is best known for his roles in […]
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD Box Set Coming In February [UPDATED]
    29.11.2016 20:26:30
    The third live-action Star Trek television series, Deep Space Nine, is being re-released on DVD by CBS Home Entertainment early next year. While it doesn’t look like Sisko and crew will be getting a high-definition Blu-ray upgrade (as has been done with The Original Series, The Next Generation and Enterprise) just yet, the new box […]
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Kino/Fernsehen Comics
SF-Radio: WebBeat
  • Trailer zu Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound
    12.04.2013 03:24:31
    Thema: Kino 
    Regisseur/Autor Leonardo Antonio hat eine ungewöhnliche Perspektive für seinen Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound gewählt: die eines ungeborenen Kindes, das aus dem Bauch seiner durch Brandwunden schwer entstellten und im Koma liegenden Mutter das Geschehen kommentiert. (mehr)
  • Jetzt wir's immer bunter: Fox macht Firefly-Fans Probleme
    11.04.2013 13:26:40
    Thema: Serien 
    Fans der Seite Firefly sind machmal auch an ihren selbstgemachten Strickmützen zu erkennen. Jayne (Adam Baldwin) hatte in der Folge "The Message" eine orangegelbe Strickmütze in einem Carepaket von seiner Mutti bekommen und damit die Fangemeinde begeistert. Nun hat sich der Sender Fox, bei dem die Rechte an Firefly und dem Strickobjekt liegen eingeschaltet...
  • Matt Damon stürmt Elysium
    10.04.2013 11:12:33
    Thema: Kino 
    Ihr erinnert euch an Neil Blomenkamp? Den Regisseur von District 9? Den hat die Faszination für Science Fiction nicht verlassen und sein neues Projekt Elysium mit Matt Damon in der Hauptrolle steht schon in den Startlöchern. Damon darf sich mal wieder als Action-Star versuchen, denn er soll die Menschen auf der Erde retten. Die leben im Jahr 2159 in furchtbaren Zuständen, während einige Reiche auf einer Raumstation in Saus und Braus leben. Der Film läuft am 22. August in Deutschland an, mit dabei ist auch Sharlto Copley, der Hauptdarsteller aus District 9.
  • Mal wieder eine Dracula-Verfilmung
    10.04.2013 03:34:17
    Thema: Kino 
    Ursprünglich sollte der Film Dracula Year Zero heißen, doch mittlerweile hat man sich für den klassischen Titel Dracula entschieden. Dabei hätte der Titel gut gepasst, denn Regieneuling Gary Shore wählt einen etwas anderen Ansatz als sonst. (mehr)
  • Damon Lindelof produziert Mysteryserie für HBO
    10.04.2013 03:14:48
    Thema: Science Fiction 
    In The Leftovers, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Tom Perrotta basiert, geht es um die Kleinstadt Mapleton, in der auf einmal eine Reihe von Einwohnern verschwinden. Die Zurückgebliebenen glauben, dass sie "entrückt" worden sind, also von Gott in den Himmel gerufen wurden. Im christlichen Glauben läutet dieses Phänomen die Endzeit ein. Kein Wunder also, dass die nicht entrückten Einwohner von Mapleton ein wenig frustriert sind und sich fragen, was sie falsch gemacht haben.
  • Neues Featurette zu Iron Man 3
    09.04.2013 21:23:39
    Thema: Kino 
    In einem neuen Featurette zu Iron Man 3 sprechen die Schauspieler über ihre Figuren, was den dritten Teil von seinen Vorgängern unterscheidet und was die Zuschauer erwartet.  Zu Wort kommen neben  auch Robert Downey Jr., Gwynneth Paltrow und John Favreau. Der Streifen läuft am 1. Mai in Deutschland an.
  • Action auf indisch: Idharammyilatho
    09.04.2013 13:32:43
    Thema: Kino 
    Hauptdarsteller Allu Arjun, der von seinen Fans entweder Stylish Star oder Bunny (?) genannt wird, ist einer der großen Stars des Tollywood-Kinos, der Filmindustrie, die ihren Sitz im indischen Staat Andhra Pradesh hat. In Idharammyilatho (noch nie war ich so dankbar für Copy/Paste) spielt er einen netten Typen, der aus irgendwelchen, im Trailer schleierhaft bleibenden Gründen zur Mordmaschine wird.
  • Bunyip: ein uraustralischer Monsterfilm
    09.04.2013 12:43:57
    Thema: Kino 
    Bei einem Bunyip handelt es sich um ein Monster aus der Mythologie der australischen Ureinwohner, das sich meistens in Sümpfen herumtreibt und Menschen frisst. Es gibt keine verlässlichen Aussagen über sein Aussehen (sagt Wikipedia), aber die Filmemacher Miri Stone und Denby Weller stellen ihn sich so vor. (mehr)
  • Wahrscheinlich kein Hellboy 3
    09.04.2013 02:43:23
    Thema: Kino 
    Guillermo del Toro hat nie offiziell ausgeschlossen, dass er einen dritten Hellboy-Film machen möchte, und auch Ron Perlman hat mehrfach gesagt, er ginge davon aus, dass Teil 3 kommen wird. Nun hat Hellboy-Erfinder Mike Mignola jedoch in einem Interview mit Comic Book Resources praktisch in einem Nebensatz erklärt, dass dem nicht so ist. (mehr)
  • Britain is Great: ein neues Star Trek-Poster
    08.04.2013 22:09:14
    Thema: Kino 
    Das neue Poster zu J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness zeigt zwar nichts, was mit Star Trek zu tun hat, dafür den britischen Sherlock-Darsteller und Schauspiel-Export-Schlager Benedict Cumberbatch vor einem brennenden London des 23. Jahrhunderts.
SF-Radio: WebBeat
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Aktuelle News im Diskussionsforum des Thoregon Münster e.V.
  • Michael Pena untersucht "The Bringing"
    20.08.2016 13:42:40
    Thema: Horror Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 12:42: Michael Pena (Ant-Man; The Martian) hat für eine Rolle im Horror-Thriller "The Bringing" von "Sherlock" Regisseur Jeremy Lovering bei Columbia Pictures unterschrieben. ...
  • Jared Leto kommt zur "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung
    20.08.2016 13:30:51
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 12:30: Jared Leto (suicide Squad) kommt zur Cast von Denis Villeneuves "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung bei Alcon Entertainment. ...
  • Keira Knightley spielt die Zuckerfee im "Nussknacker"
    18.08.2016 13:40:10
    Thema: Fantasy Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 12:40: Keira Knightley wird die Zuckerfee in der kommenden Realverfilmung von "Der Nussknacker" bei Disney Pictures spielen. ...
  • Scott Eastwood macht mit "Ecstasia" Science Ficiton
    18.08.2016 12:48:05
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 11:48: "Fast And The Furios 8" und "Suicide Squad" Schauspieler Scott Eastwood probiert nun das Science Fiction Genre aus, im dem er zur Cast von "Ecstasia" unter der Regie von "The...
  • "Star Wars" Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist tot
    15.08.2016 10:17:01
    Thema: Darsteller, Autoren, Zeichner, usw. 
    Von AllanDanton am 15.08.2016 09:17: Der berühmte britische Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist im Alter von 83 Jahren nach langer Krankheit verstorben, wie der Guardian berichtet. Der nur 1,12 Meter große Baker ist wohl am besten bekannt für seine Rolle des R2-D2...
  • Zweiter Trailer zu "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
    12.08.2016 16:03:32
    Thema: Star Wars 
    Von AllanDanton am 12.08.2016 15:03: Einige Monate nach dem ersten Teaser haben Walt Disney Pictures und Lucasfilm nun den zweiten Trailer von "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" unter der Regie von Gareth Edwards veröffentlicht: ...
  • Warner entwickelt "Man of Steel 2"
    10.08.2016 16:11:08
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 15:11: Nachdem der erste "Man of Steel" der bislang bei den Kritiken erfolgreichste Film der DC Extended Universe Filme ist, ist es wenig überraschend, das Warner Bros. Pictures aktiv mit der Entwicklung einer direkten Fortsetzung...
  • Liosngate begründet, warum "Divergent" in TV wechselt
    10.08.2016 15:57:00
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 14:57: Vor einige Wochen hat Lionsgate überraschend bekanntgegeben, dass sie den vierten und letzten "Divergent" Kinofilm zu Gunsten eines abschließenden TV-Films und eines möglichen Spinoff-TV-Serie wegfallen...
  • DIsney bestätigt Titeländerungen der nächste "Avengers" Filme
    04.08.2016 13:54:31
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 12:54: Disney und Marvel Studios haben bestätigt, dass sie ihren "Avengers: Infinity War" Filmzweiteiler neu benennen werden, ähnlich wie es DC bei "Hustice League" und Lionsgate beim...
  • Joe Carnahan schreibt "Uncharted" Film
    04.08.2016 11:30:52
    Thema: Computer- und Konsolen-Spiele 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 10:30: "The Grey" und "Narc" Regisseur Joe Carnahan ist an Bord gekommen, um den aktuellsten Script-Entwurf für die Film-Adaption der "Uncharted" Videospiel-Reihe bei Sony Pictures zu schreiben....

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