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  • Sofia Boutella Talks Star Trek Beyond in Latest Empire Magazine
    26.08.2016 05:04:43
    The Jaylah actress discusses being cast in Star Trek Beyond, her career thus far, and transforming into the franchise’s newest lifeform. Expletives have been something added to further the humor of Star Trek films since Captain Kirk’s “double dumb-ass on you” in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Brent Spiner’s Data took it one step further in Star Trek: Generations and of course the JJ screenwriters have embraced the concept of colorful metaphors to an entirely new level. But Sofia Boutella’s “holy shit” moment came when she was actually cast as Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond, according to a new article in the August edition of Empire Magazine. “It wasn’t until the callback that they told me it was Star Trek, and what character I was playing. Then they took me to the make-up trailer and said, ‘This is what you’re going to look like.’ And I was like, ‘Holy shit.’” A dancer since the age of five, Boutella has revealed herself to movie audiences in two defining pop culture roles recently, first as the assassin Gazelle in Matthew Vaughn’s The Kingsman and of course this summer as Jaylah. Establishing a new character in a fifty-year franchise that has seen its fair share of amazing new life portrayed by talented actors is nothing to sneeze at, however Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin explained the potential rewards of Jaylah, as well as casting the actress in the role. “I knew if we did it right,” Lin told Empire, “it would be great to have a new character who could potentially join the family. “I knew as soon as I saw her,” he said. “Usually when you’re writing you try to find someone to fit [what you’ve written], but I started crafting the character to Sofia’s strengths. I wanted someone who when you meet them has this strength, but you realise it might be a mask.” More fascinating nuggets from the article include Boutella’s dancing background, staying away from the temptation of easy money, as well as her familiarity with Star Trek and packing for her audition. She has been cast in the latest Mummy remake, as the Mummy, starring alongside Tom Cruise. With the potential of Jaylah appearing in future Star Trek films according to Lin, it appears Sofia Boutella will be sticking around for a bit, much the benefit of filmgoers and Star Trek fans. “To be honest, I’m not very familiar [with Star Trek]. I saw the two films of the new franchise but I didn’t grow up watching it. It’s the same with Star Wars; it just wasn’t a part of me growing up. I wasn’t geeking on it to be honest.” Read the full interview at Empire.
  • Star Trek: Beyond After One Month at the Box Office: Well-received, But Not Profitable
    25.08.2016 15:00:33
    This week marks a month since Star Trek: Beyond’s release on July 22nd. While the film has been praised by general audiences, fans, and critics alike, it has failed to replicate the box office success of the previous two films of the Kelvin Timeline, only earning $146.8 million domestically and $84.2 million internationally for a total gross of $231 million. This article seeks to examine why the film, seemingly so enjoyed by millions, did not do better at the box office. Beyond has been out for 31 days as of Sunday, August 21st. While fans have informally rated the film higher than Star Trek Into Darkness, Beyond’s box office haul is nowhere near its predecessor. We believe that the following factors have influenced Beyond’s performance at the box office: poor audience word-of-mouth, inflated expectations, subpar marketing, and difficult competition. A Positive Reception As fans and general audiences reacted positively to the film, many expected Beyond to generate a significant word-of-mouth factor that would have seen the film continue to do well at the box office in the weeks following its initial release. This did not happen. We will examine how studios determine a film’s audience appeal later in this article, but let us first focus on critical and audience reviews. Beyond was mostly praised by the Star Trek fanbase, as a return-to-form for the franchise. However, based on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, Beyond was not reviewed as well as its two Kelvin Timeline predecessors. Over at Rotten Tomatoes, Beyond has been certified fresh and has received positive reviews from 83% of critics. Audience reviews have been on par with the critical response, with 83% of moviegoers reporting to Rotten Tomatoes that they liked the film. Beyond received an average score of four out of five from respondents. At Metacritic, the film received a metascore of 68. Out of 516 audience respondents, the average score out of ten was 6.8. By way of comparison, Star Trek (2009) is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with 95% of critics giving it positive marks while 91% of moviegoers said they liked the film. At Metacritic, Star Trek has a metascore of 82 and a user score of 8.0. Into Darkness is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with 86% of critics giving it positive reviews, and 90% of viewers responding that they liked it. At Metacritic, it has a metascore of 72 with an average rating of 7.8 from nearly 1,500 viewers. Domestic Box Office (For the purpose of this article, all of our data has been taken from Box Office Mojo, and some figures have been calculated based on their data.) Domestically, Beyond has earned $146.8 million after 31 days. Comparatively, Into Darkness grossed $211 million and Star Trek $222.7 million after the same amount of time in release. Beyond has earned 31% less than Into Darkness and 34.1% less than Star Trek. While this is not the final number for the film’s domestic gross, Beyond has been removed from 50% of screens it debuted on. Beyond debuted on 3,928 screens across the United States and remained on that many until August 5th, when it slowly began to be removed from cinemas. As of August 21st, Beyond is only on 1,966 screens across the country. Additionally, when Suicide Squad was released on August 5th, Beyond was removed from most of the IMAX 3D screens. The loss of the IMAX 3D higher ticket price factored into lower box office revenues. We can only use the examples of the previous two Kelvin Timeline films to forecast the longevity of Beyond’s stay at the box office. Star Trek closed 17 weeks after its theatrical debut, and Into Darkness closed after 21 weeks. Operating on the assumption that Beyond will close sometime between those two timeframes, it will leave theatres between November 6th and December 11th. After their first 31 days in theatres, Star Trek only earned roughly an additional $26.9 million, while Into Darkness earned $39.4 million. Based on these numbers, we can speculate that Beyond will earn an additional 12% to 18.6% of what it has made to date domestically. If we simply average those numbers, we can project Beyond to make an additional 15.3% (roughly $22.2 million) of what it has made to date for a final domestic box office haul of around $169 million. This projection would solidify Beyond as the lowest grossing Kelvin Timeline film of the three, as well as the first that has failed to break $200 million domestically. Significantly, it could also fall short of achieving what its predecessors did in earning back its $185 million budget in the United States alone. International Box Office Historically, a film’s international box office take is difficult to keep track of on a weekly basis or project, as sites such as Box Office Mojo fail to receive weekly earnings from every foreign market where a film is released. Complicating matters further is the fact that Beyond has yet to be released in 13 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Turkey, and the lucrative behemoth of China). Unlike domestic numbers, it is difficult to use Star Trek and Into Darkness as bellwethers of Beyond’s projected international performance as there is quite a disparity between how the two films fared in the foreign box office. For instance, only 33.2% of Star Trek’s gross came internationally, while Into Darkness did much better and earned a whopping 51.1% of its total gross overseas. Currently, Beyond has earned $84.2 million internationally, 36.4% of its total gross. We can expect that number to rise as the film has only recently been released in markets such as South Korea, France, and Spain. Additionally, audiences in most of Latin America and China have yet to see it. Most of the countries listed above failed to return more than $1 million during Into Darkness’s impressive international run, except for Brazil which brought in $5.2 million. China proved to be the international juggernaut for Into Darkness, grossing roughly $57 million. South Korea and Japan, where Beyond was just released and is pending release, respectively, generated roughly $22.2 for Into Darkness. If Beyond is able to replicate Into Darkness’s success in East Asia, it would add roughly $80 million to its worldwide gross. If Beyond’s international numbers are similar to Into Darkness, we can estimate...
  • Longtime Trek Author and Publicist Terry Erdmann Recognizes His 27-Year-Old Work in Star Trek Beyond
    25.08.2016 03:00:53
    Briefly, near the end of Star Trek Beyond, there is a touching final moment that occurs in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy’s 47-year portrayal of Spock. It is a moment that was orchestrated 27 years earlier by the unit publicist on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Terry Erdmann. “I was really thrilled when I saw Star Trek Beyond,” Erdmann told TrekMovie. “When Spock opened the kit at the end and sees that picture of the original crew, Paula [M. Block] and I just looked at one another. I arranged that photo shoot, getting all the actors together after the fact. They had only shot together as a full cast for a few days, so I had to get the wardrobe, set, lighting, etc. to make that moment happen. I was so pleased to see it on screen when the picture flashed in front of me in the theater. I thought, that photo shoot still has legs.” The photo, which is not actually in Star Trek V, was a publicity moment arranged by Erdmann and photographed by Bruce Birmelin, who also worked as a still photographer on the set of Star Trek V, as well as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Expect to discover more fascinating anecdotes like this from TrekMovie’s full length interview with Terry Erdmann and Paula Block on their book Star Trek: Costumes: Five decades of fashion from the Final Frontier. Look for it soon on TrekMovie.com.
  • Shuttle Pod Podcast Episode 21 – STLV Recap, Mission NY Hopes Star Trek Beyond and Discovery News
    24.08.2016 21:15:52
    Shuttle Pod Podcast Episode 21 – STLV Recap, Mission NY Hopes   Star Trek Beyond and Discovery News
    The Shuttle Pod crew recap their favorite moments of the 2016 Star Trek Las Vegas convention (including Whoopi Goldberg, Kirstie Alley, DS9 documentary news, and Women in Trek), and talk about their hopes for the upcoming Mission NY convention. Plus, we discuss the latest news for Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek: Discovery. Subscribe to Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie.com Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Pocket Casts! Or grab the direct link to the podcast here Brian, Jared, and Kayla talk about their favorite moments from STLV 2016, including the first ever (and hopefully not the last) convention appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Kirstie Alley. Kayla talked about her experience on stage with fellow Women of Trek including Kate Mulgrew. Whoopi invites Guinan cosplayers up on stage The trio also discuss their hopes for the upcoming CBS/RedPOP convention in New York City: Mission New York. Will we get some big Star Trek: Discovery news? Finally, lots has been going on in the world of Star Trek both on the silver screen with Star Trek Beyond and in the run-up to Trek’s return to TV via the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. The Shuttle Pod crew discuss the latest news.
  • TrekMovie Presents: A Look At The Kelvin Timeline In Comics, Part One
    24.08.2016 16:00:25
    TrekMovie Presents: A Look At The Kelvin Timeline In Comics, Part One
    Cause and effect is a concept as old as time, and the title of a terrific TNG episode to boot. Seven years ago, when Spock Prime attempted to save the galaxy using red matter, the resulting outcome forged the birth of the Kelvin Timeline, which produced three feature films in the new universe and launched new comic book adventures. Part I of TrekMovie’s examination of the Kelvin Timeline comic books focuses on the resulting IDW mini-series that the 2009 film spawned as well as the Official Motion Picture Adaptation. Prior to the May release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek in 2009, IDW launched the four issue mini-series Star Trek: Countdown, which intended to serve as a transition from the original Prime Timeline fans were accustomed to for 45 years. Bemoaning the idea of a rebooted franchise and the loss of the previous 726 episodes and 10 feature films from official canon, fans rebelled against the idea of Abrams’ restart. However, all was not lost. Star Trek screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, longtime fans of the Final Frontier, conceived a backstory that would lead to the events of Spock Prime commandeering the Jellyfish and launching the red matter. It was a brilliant maneuver that demonstrated that what came before was integral to forming the new timeline, as well as continuing the existence of the original Prime Timeline. Star Trek: Countdown allowed the screenwriters to have their cake and eat it too, as their backstory included the efforts of not only Spock and his partner in crime, Nero, but also Captain Data, Ambassador Picard and Geordi LaForge. Additionally, readers watched as the Enterprise worked with the duo to save the galaxy, allowing Nero to board the legendary vessel with full access to the Starfleet database, where the Romulan miner soaked up as much Federation history as possible, including the story of one James Tiberius Kirk. Sadly, none of the events of Star Trek: Countdown were referenced in the film, which had different goals for mainstream moviegoers. However, Countdown was just the book Bones might have prescribed for long-time fans worried that decades of stories would no longer exist in official canon. The collected edition of Star Trek: Countdown was a success, finishing 2009 as the 51st best-selling trade, moving 8,100 copies, and providing an excellent bridge from the last final Prime Timeline story – Star Trek: Nemesis. Star Trek: Spock Reflections would launch two months after Countdown, and while not officially connected with the Kelvin Timeline or affiliated with any backstory produced by Orci and Kurtzman, writers Scott and David Tipton attempted to fill readers in on the whereabouts of Ambassador Spock after his last known appearance in the two-part TNG episode, “Reunification”. Beginning on Romulus, Spock takes a journey to Veridian III in order to return the body of his friend to Earth, after a communique from Picard alerted him to what had occurred in Star Trek: Generations. The four-issue mini-series was a wonderful walk down memory lane and included appearances by Captain Pike, Dr. Chapel and Lt. Saavik. Plus fans finally meet the species responsible for that brandy that Kirk appreciates so much – a Saurian. Concurrently with Spock Reflections, Star Trek: Nero began a four-issue arc in August, filling the 25-year void between the destruction of the Kelvin and Nero capturing Spock. Star Trek: Nero’s story once again came from the minds of Orci and Kurtzman, as readers saw on-screen discrepancies explained, like Nero’s disfiguration of his ear at the hands of the Klingons and how the Romulan came to know where and when Spock would arrive. Two terrific moments from the mini-series come when the Narada encounters a Klingon armada of 47 ships, a confrontation which is referenced in the film, and also the Kelvin Timeline version of V’Ger, which plays an essential role in Nero and his crew’s escape from Rura Penthe, where they spent the 25 years between events. Once again, Orci and Kurtzman show an appreciation of what has come before in Star Trek, honoring the past while presenting a new story. Finally, in 2010, IDW published its six-part Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation from Orci and Kurtzman’s screenplay, which included deleted scenes of the birth of Spock (which was to occur as the film opened) and Kirk and his brother’s final run-in with Uncle Frank, resulting in the younger brother stealing the car audience saw him driving. For the Star Trek fan, these illustrated moments provide a glimpse into stories that ultimately would change before the finished product hit theaters, as was the case with DC Comics’ adaptation of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, where William Shatner’s rock monsters were realized. One would have to think that Spock himself would be proud of IDW’s portrayal of the Kelvin Timeline in comics, as the Vulcan should appreciate the ripples in the pond that his actions created. Overall, IDW’s chronicling of the Kelvin Timeline was off to a notable start. Look for part two soon, which will feature the first 12 issues of IDW’s Star Trek: Ongoing series, which launched in September 2011.
  • Soundtrack Review: Star Trek Beyond
    23.08.2016 15:00:56
    Michael Giacchino’s third Star Trek score is a return to the familiar. Unenviable is the task for any film composer assigned with scoring the latest Star Trek voyage into the Final Frontier. Following Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic score and James Horner’s game-changing melodies, it was impressive to see Michael Giacchino uniquely make his mark on the then 43-year old franchise in 2009. Granted, the film composer benefited from the story being set in a new universe, but Giacchino established himself admirably among the pantheon of Star Trek musicians. The question awaiting fans was, what will he do the third time out? “That’s the spirit, Bones.” Commencing with his now familiar introduction to all of his Star Trek films, Star Trek Beyond moves quickly from his traditional cue into the heart of the film’s theme, as Kirk questions the monotony of day-to-day “episodic” adventures and more specifically, his own purpose, during the Enterprise’s five-year mission. The poignancy at the end of “Logo and Prosper” is only matched by the soft piano in “Thank Your Lucky Star Date”. This latter cue will serve to emphasize Giacchino’s now-familiar theme of his Star Trek as his Kelvin Timeline music is woven into the very fabric of his Star Trek Beyond score, especially when representing the crew. Distinctive music like “Labor of Love” and “Enterprising Young Men” from Star Trek and “London Calling” from Star Trek Into Darkness might feel missing, although it could be due to the overall wistful themes assigned to Kirk. Honestly, those pieces only really bookend the movie (a more uplifting sounding “Par-Tay for the Course”), but it is difficult not to be lulled into a more contemplative place when considering the impact of the soundtrack, especially considering how they open and close the film. Previous outings have jumped right into the action, allowing for the earlier softer melodies to leave much more of an impact with the audience. Giacchino has written both elegant and epic music, including “Night on the Yorktown”, a beautiful melody that reinforces the ideas of life in the Federation that has now clearly been established in these J.J. Abrams films, and “The Dance of the Nebula”. His music for Krall’s swarm might sound familiar, but the final 20-seconds of “Cater-Krall in Zero G” is a haunting piece of music as the film’s antagonist meets his demise. Additionally, although it starts like a film-sounding trope and tonally like something out of John Williams’ Star Wars, “Jaylah Damage” quickly recalls the familiarity Giacchino has established in all of his Star Trek films. That theme continues in “Mocking Jaylah”, during her climactic one-on-one fight with Manas, all the while with a primitive beat that drapes itself over everything. Omissions will always occur on commercial soundtrack releases and Star Trek Beyond is not immune to these issues, especially leaving out the quietness of Spock opening Ambassador Spock’s personal effects and discovering a certain photo that should bring a smile to the heart of every Star Trek fan. Sadly, even in the film, this moment seemed to be a lost opportunity musically, however it is hard to argue with Giacchino’s choices when it comes to the themes and cues he has written for this new timeline. While the Star Trek Beyond score can sometimes feel overwhelmed by so many callbacks to his previous theme established in his first Final Frontier outing as well as its more contemplative theme, it should be one that fans will listen to over and over, quickly taking its place next to all of Giacchino’s Star Trek music. Scoring a Star Trek film can seem like a thankless job.  However, even the less-received films in the oeuvre have left behind a distinctive mark when it comes to its music.  Luckily for Giacchino, both the film and his music should quickly earn its place in the franchise’s 50-year history.
  • TrekMovie Editor Kayla Iacovino Profiled on CNN for Work in Volcanology
    23.08.2016 01:03:28
    TrekMovie Editor Kayla Iacovino Profiled on CNN for Work in Volcanology
    Putting the “star” in Star Trek fan, TrekMovie’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Kayla Iacovino, was profiled today on CNN.com on her work in volcano science, Star Trek, and gender equality. The article opens with how Star Trek inspired her to pursue science and jokes about the confusion between Dr. Iacovino’s specialty volcanology (the study of volcanoes) with Vulcanology. “Star Trek influenced me to go into science. [The show] revolves around the ideals of exploration for exploration sake, and the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of leaving the human race better than we found it; these are really noble pursuits. I carry that with me.” Read the article here!
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew Gets Release Date
    22.08.2016 17:33:44
    The first virtual reality Star Trek game will be heading your way this November. Ubisoft has announced that Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be released on November 29th for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR virtual reality platforms. The game, which takes place in the Kelvin timeline, allows you and your friends to take on the role of captain, engineer, tactical, or helm aboard a new starship called the USS Aegis.  Players will be exploring an uncharted part of Federation space, searching for a new home planet for the Vulcans, who lost their world in the 2009 film. A trailer, featuring LeVar Burton, Karl Urban, and Jeri Ryan playing the game, was released a couple of months ago and gives a sense of what the game is about: Last week, IGN spoke to the game’s Lead Social System’s Designer Justin Achilli about gameplay and the cooperative nature of the game:
  • EDITORIAL: CBS All Access: The Good, The Ads, and The Over-Compressed
    19.08.2016 21:28:16
    EDITORIAL: CBS All Access: The Good, The Ads, and The Over-Compressed
    Since Star Trek: Discovery will be coming exclusively to CBS All Access in the United States, I decided to give the network’s new over-the-top streaming service a try. I’ve been using All Access for a good nine months now, and I’ve learned a thing or two about what the service gets right and where it leaves something to be desired. My conclusion? All Access is probably a good thing for Star Trek, and there is no doubt that I would recommend you get it in order to watch Star Trek: Discovery. But the service itself currently has two major flaws: too many ads and less than stellar audio and video compression. Both of these things are easily fixable before Discovery‘s January 2017 premiere date (can we get #AdFreeOption trending?). But, for the moment, I’m envious of the 188 countries that will be watching new Trek on Netflix. Many fans have been resistant to paying for a new subscription service right off the bat. We talked at length about what All Access means for the franchise last November after the new show was first announced. The move by CBS to create their own over-the-top (OTT) service may ultimately be a game changer for the major networks, but it certainly is a gamble in today’s cord-cutting marketplace, and CBS will have to make a lot of tough decisions about exactly how to maximize profits while making the service appealing in a sea of other, ostensibly more complete, streaming libraries like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. For the remainder of this essay, we ask whether or not All Access can succeed in the context of today’s market. Our analysis hinges on the thesis that consumers want to pay to legally obtain products and services. But, illegal streams and downloads are tempting, and customers will only fork out their hard earned qualtoos for a service that fits their needs. Say what you want about the Napster generation, but they aren’t looking for handouts, and they don’t expect content for free. Pay What You Want models like the Humble Bundle and those employed by an increasing number of music artists have shown time and time again that people will pay for content – but they will only pay if they think the price is fair and the product meets their standard of quality. How Does All Access Stand Up? First, it’s important to put All Access into the proper context. How does it stack up to the other similar services that many of you may already subscribe to? At $5.99/month, All Access certainly wins the day when it comes to cost. For basic cable in the US, you’re looking at a minimum $66/month bill (and often customers pay over $100/month). Even if you subscribe to all the major streaming services like Netflix ($8.99), Hulu ($7.99/month or $11.99/month ad-free), and Amazon Prime ($8.25/month), you’re still doing better than cable at around $30/month, less than half of the lowest possible cable bill. All Access Netflix Hulu Plus Amazon Prime Cable TV $5.99/month $8.99/month $7.99/month with ads or $11.99/month ad-free $8.25/month ($99/year) $25–$130/month With one month of All Access clocking in around the price of a cup of coffee, it’s hard to fret about adding it to your monthly bill. But more than cost is driving customers to OTT offerings. Give us an #AdFreeOption It’s understood that advertisements were once the only way to pay for our beloved television franchises (and YouTube videos and the like), and so the quality of shows were allowed to suffer somewhat in order to monetize them. But, the advent of the paid subscription service has made that a thing of the past. With this new pay to play model, content providers do not need to rely so heavily on advertisement revenue. For consumers this means truly minimal ad breaks or even none at all, and for the creatives behind the scenes, this means the opportunity to create longer, more rich stories whose narratives are not constantly interrupted by loud, obtrusive commercials. Which brings us to our first point of contention with All Access: no ad-free option. Hulu offers up a higher tier with no ads for an extra $4/month. Without an ad-free option for All Access, it kind of feels like we’re paying for the show twice, despite the service’s small price tag. It’s crucial to note exactly how many ad breaks we are talking here. In a recent announcement CBS Interactive President and COO Marc DeBevoise touted All Access’ “limited commercial load”, which in the minds of the CBS exec apparently translates to 75% of the normal broadcast TV load (or roughly 12 minutes of ads per hour of television, which is notably the maximum legal limit in the European Union and the UK). This is hardly a “limited” ad load, and consumers are already taking notice. To content providers, the message is clear: don’t double dip. Either charge us or show us ads. Not both. A message from All Access asking me to turn off my ad blocker Many Ways to Watch All Access is looking good when it comes to the quality and availability of the app itself. The failure of the pay to play model due to inaccessibility is exemplified by HBO’s Game of Thrones, the most pirated show in history. Early in the show’s run, this was thought to be largely due to the inability to purchase the show without a cable subscription. HBO’s only streaming service at the time, HBO GO, was only available to customers that already had cable. The launch of HBO NOW, which does not require a cable sub, somewhat alleviated this problem, but the service is so tied to Apple products like Apple TV and iPad that non-Apple users continued to shun the paid service, thus allowing Thrones to keep the top spot on the illegal downloads charts. All Access is happily cross-platform and is available as a mobile app, on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox 360, and Android TV....
  • See The Restored Enterprise In A Whole New Way In These Great Videos
    19.08.2016 02:02:22
    See The Restored Enterprise In A Whole New Way In These Great Videos
    The Smithsonian’s recent restoration of the Enterprise shooting model has the old girl looking better than ever, and our old friend Paul Sibbald has created some new videos using photos of the restored physical model in celebration. Paul (known to longtime readers as Spockboy) created two spectacular video clips that show off the restoration in all its glory. The meticulous composite work is stunning and a great tribute to the ship and the team who restored her.   He also created several fantastic wallpapers: We would like to thank Paul for sharing this with us.
Star Trek News, Reviews, and Culture
  • [PREVIEW] Star Trek Mission: New York
    24.08.2016 21:11:17
    Star Trek Mission: New York is fast approaching, beaming down to the Javits Center in New York City on Friday September 2nd through Sunday September the 4th. This is the first year for Mission New York as a convention and it’s offering an impressive and unique line-up for all three days. TrekNews.net is here to […]
  • Star Trek: Mission New York To Host Star Trek Gaming Zone
    21.08.2016 15:19:25
    Star Trek in gaming will have a special presence at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention on September 2-4. CBS Consumer Products and ReedPOP, the convention organizer, are bringing Star Trek: Bridge Crew to the show floor. The main attraction of the Gaming Zone, Bridge Crew is a virtual reality game developed by Ubisoft, […]
  • Celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s Legacy On His 95th Birthday
    19.08.2016 12:30:59
    Today, we celebrate Eugene “Gene” Wesley Roddenberry, also affectionately known as “The Great Bird of the Galaxy”, who would have turned 95 years old on this day. Born August 19, 1921, Roddenberry was a writer, producer, humanist, father, husband, visionary and most famously, the creative mind and force behind the legendary Star Trek franchise. Ever […]
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Details May Be Revealed At Mission New York
    17.08.2016 15:12:49
    The official schedule of events has been revealed for Star Trek Mission: New York and one of the major announcements is a panel involving Kirsten Beyer and Nicholas Meyer, from the upcoming TV series Star Trek: Discovery. Beyer and Meyer have both been involved with the development of Discovery, so it should be interesting to […]
  • Box Office Update: STAR TREK BEYOND Disappoints Outside Opening Weekend
    14.08.2016 15:04:07
    Now 20 days into its release, Star Trek Beyond is underperforming in the box office despite its excellent opening weekend and positive critical reception. The film has grossed $198.2 million as of August 12, and while this means Beyond has made up its budget of $185 million, its numbers are quickly dwindling with each passing […]
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Set A Decade Before TOS, Will Have Female Lead, Gay Character
    11.08.2016 02:19:39
    On Wednesday, during the Television Critics Association press event, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY executive producer Bryan Fuller gave some major details on the upcoming CBS All Access series. We now know when the series will be set and some information about its characters. Big Star Trek: Discovery Updates From Bryan Fuller Here’s what we learned: • […]
  • Shatner Talks Star Trek Fandom, Pop Culture, Boston
    11.08.2016 01:56:03
    William Shatner is set to beam down to Beantown this weekend for the annual Boston Comic Con at the Seaport World Trade Center. The actor, who made Captain Kirk a household name, spoke to Dig Boston about Star Trek fandom, his connection to the city of Boston, throwing out the first pitch at the Red […]
  • Star Trek Timelines To Receive Major Content Update
    10.08.2016 13:34:12
    After being released in January 2016, the developers of the hit mobile game Star Trek Timelines have released a video discussing future plans for the game. The video, released at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, showcases developer Disrupter Beam and its staff discussing the impact of the game thus far, its inspirations, and directions […]
  • [#STLV] Massive Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Photo Gallery
    10.08.2016 00:25:02
    The Las Vegas Star Trek Convention took place last weekend and it was Creation Entertainment’s largest event ever. This year, the annual event added Wednesday to the schedule, which expanded it from a four-day to five-day extravaganza. With more than 100 celebrity guests, panels, discussions, costume contests, auctions, photo op areas and autograph sessions, fans […]
  • 50 YEARS OF STAR TREK To Air On History Channel [UPDATED]
    09.08.2016 01:25:43
    San Diego Comic Con International and Star Trek Las Vegas may be over, but 2016 is still gearing up to be one of the greatest years yet for fans of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. As we get ever closer to the official 50th Anniversary Date (September 8th when McCoy met Salt Vampire in Trek’s first official […]
TOS TNG DS9 Voyager Enterprise
Galactic Senate Jedi Order Rebel Alliance Star Wars News Galactic Empire Sith Empire Separatists
StarWars-Union.de - Nachrichten
StarWars-Union.de. Die größte deutschsprachige Star-Wars-Nachrichtenseite im Netz. Nie wieder nach Nachrichten suchen. Dieser Feed liefert Euch die letzten 20 Meldungen.
darth-sonic.de - Star Wars Fan Blog
Star Wars Filme, Serien und Videospiele seit 1998
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Erscheinungstermin und Trailer zur Bespin-Erweiterung
    17.06.2016 07:37:16
    Am 5. Juli erscheint die Star Wars Battlefront Bespin-Erweiterung . In dieser Erweiterung kann man auf Karten der Wolkenstadt u.a. im Palast des Administrators kämpfen. Dafür stehen unter anderem die neuen Waffen X-8 Nachtschütze und EE-4 Blaster zur Verfügung. sowie die neuen Charaktere des …
  • Die Star Wars Show Episode 6 vom 15.06.2016
    16.06.2016 08:46:10
    Die neueste Ausgabe der Star Wars Show dreht sich weitestgehend um Star Wars Videospiele, im Speziellen um die auf der E3 kurz angerissenen Spiele von Respawn und Visceral. Nichts Neues, aber kurzweilig und eine weitere Bestätigung, dass die beiden Spiele Third-Person-Action-Adventures werden.
  • Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission Teaser Trailer von der E3
    15.06.2016 07:30:03
    Sony hat auf seiner E3 Pressekonferenz in Los Angeles die PlayStation exklusiven Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Missionen vorgestellt in einem - doch sehr kurzen - Teaser Trailer. Wirklich aussagekräftig ist der Trailer nicht, aber er zeigt: Wir sind als X-Wing Pilot mittendrin statt nur dabei.
  • LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht E3 Trailer
    15.06.2016 07:23:31
    Auf der laufenden E3 in Los Angeles wurde ein neuer Trailer zu LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht gezeigt, in dem wir u.a. einen kurzen Blick auf eine X-Wing Mission erhaschen können.
  • Vorschau auf die kommenden Star Wars Videospiele von EA
    13.06.2016 07:45:45
    Electronic Arts haben die E3 Videospiele-Messe in Los Angeles mit deren Pressekonferenz eröffnet und neben den diversen bekannten Spielemarken auch eine Vorschau aufkommende Star Wars Videogames gegeben.
  • Die Star Wars Show vom 08.06.2016
    09.06.2016 20:13:56
    Angus MacLane, Co-Regiesseur von Pixar’s Findet Nemo 2: Findet Dory, spricht über seine Karriere und wie Star Wars ihn beeinflusste, Andi und Peter besuchen ILMxLAB für eine Runde durch das virtuelle Tatooine, sowie mehr.
  • Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht nach 168 Tagen aus den US-Kinos genommen
    08.06.2016 07:42:50
    Nach 168 Tagen und einem US-Einspiel von knapp 937 Mio. $, wurde Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht letztmals in einem US-Kino ausgestrahlt. Ich vermute man lässt sich einen kleinen Re-Release vor Episode 8 und/oder 9 nicht nehmen um der Milliarde noch näher zu kommen.
  • Die Star Wars Show Episode 4
    02.06.2016 20:59:47
    Die vierte Episode der offiziellen Star Wars Show ist online. Mit dabei ist unter anderem Special Effects Guru Dennis Muren.
  • (Unbegründete) Panik um Nachdrehs zu Star Wars: Rogue One
    02.06.2016 20:53:00
    Eigentlich wollte ich dieser Meldung keine Aufmerksamkeit schenken aber ich denke man muss Aufklärung leisten. Wie Darsteller aus Star Wars: Rogue One mitgeteilt haben sind für den Juni Nachdrehs für den Film angesetzt worden. So weit nichts besonders betrifft dies doch nahezu jede größere …
  • Die Bioware Story - Dokumentation über den Star Wars: The Old Republic Entwickler
    02.06.2016 20:34:29
    Bioware, der Entwickler der Star Wars Videospiele Knights of the Old Republic und The Old Republic, wird in der folgenden knapp 20minütigen Doku kurz vorgestellt bzw. deren Firmengeschichte beleuchtet. Einige nette Einblicke in die Entstehung zweier der erfolgreichsten Star Wars Videospiele.
Searchdroid.de - Star Wars Suchmaschine Deutsche Star Wars Suchmaschine

Sonstige SF-News
Kino/Fernsehen Comics
SF-Radio: WebBeat
  • Trailer zu Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound
    12.04.2013 03:24:31
    Thema: Kino 
    Regisseur/Autor Leonardo Antonio hat eine ungewöhnliche Perspektive für seinen Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound gewählt: die eines ungeborenen Kindes, das aus dem Bauch seiner durch Brandwunden schwer entstellten und im Koma liegenden Mutter das Geschehen kommentiert. (mehr)
  • Jetzt wir's immer bunter: Fox macht Firefly-Fans Probleme
    11.04.2013 13:26:40
    Thema: Serien 
    Fans der Seite Firefly sind machmal auch an ihren selbstgemachten Strickmützen zu erkennen. Jayne (Adam Baldwin) hatte in der Folge "The Message" eine orangegelbe Strickmütze in einem Carepaket von seiner Mutti bekommen und damit die Fangemeinde begeistert. Nun hat sich der Sender Fox, bei dem die Rechte an Firefly und dem Strickobjekt liegen eingeschaltet...
  • Matt Damon stürmt Elysium
    10.04.2013 11:12:33
    Thema: Kino 
    Ihr erinnert euch an Neil Blomenkamp? Den Regisseur von District 9? Den hat die Faszination für Science Fiction nicht verlassen und sein neues Projekt Elysium mit Matt Damon in der Hauptrolle steht schon in den Startlöchern. Damon darf sich mal wieder als Action-Star versuchen, denn er soll die Menschen auf der Erde retten. Die leben im Jahr 2159 in furchtbaren Zuständen, während einige Reiche auf einer Raumstation in Saus und Braus leben. Der Film läuft am 22. August in Deutschland an, mit dabei ist auch Sharlto Copley, der Hauptdarsteller aus District 9.
  • Mal wieder eine Dracula-Verfilmung
    10.04.2013 03:34:17
    Thema: Kino 
    Ursprünglich sollte der Film Dracula Year Zero heißen, doch mittlerweile hat man sich für den klassischen Titel Dracula entschieden. Dabei hätte der Titel gut gepasst, denn Regieneuling Gary Shore wählt einen etwas anderen Ansatz als sonst. (mehr)
  • Damon Lindelof produziert Mysteryserie für HBO
    10.04.2013 03:14:48
    Thema: Science Fiction 
    In The Leftovers, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Tom Perrotta basiert, geht es um die Kleinstadt Mapleton, in der auf einmal eine Reihe von Einwohnern verschwinden. Die Zurückgebliebenen glauben, dass sie "entrückt" worden sind, also von Gott in den Himmel gerufen wurden. Im christlichen Glauben läutet dieses Phänomen die Endzeit ein. Kein Wunder also, dass die nicht entrückten Einwohner von Mapleton ein wenig frustriert sind und sich fragen, was sie falsch gemacht haben.
  • Neues Featurette zu Iron Man 3
    09.04.2013 21:23:39
    Thema: Kino 
    In einem neuen Featurette zu Iron Man 3 sprechen die Schauspieler über ihre Figuren, was den dritten Teil von seinen Vorgängern unterscheidet und was die Zuschauer erwartet.  Zu Wort kommen neben  auch Robert Downey Jr., Gwynneth Paltrow und John Favreau. Der Streifen läuft am 1. Mai in Deutschland an.
  • Action auf indisch: Idharammyilatho
    09.04.2013 13:32:43
    Thema: Kino 
    Hauptdarsteller Allu Arjun, der von seinen Fans entweder Stylish Star oder Bunny (?) genannt wird, ist einer der großen Stars des Tollywood-Kinos, der Filmindustrie, die ihren Sitz im indischen Staat Andhra Pradesh hat. In Idharammyilatho (noch nie war ich so dankbar für Copy/Paste) spielt er einen netten Typen, der aus irgendwelchen, im Trailer schleierhaft bleibenden Gründen zur Mordmaschine wird.
  • Bunyip: ein uraustralischer Monsterfilm
    09.04.2013 12:43:57
    Thema: Kino 
    Bei einem Bunyip handelt es sich um ein Monster aus der Mythologie der australischen Ureinwohner, das sich meistens in Sümpfen herumtreibt und Menschen frisst. Es gibt keine verlässlichen Aussagen über sein Aussehen (sagt Wikipedia), aber die Filmemacher Miri Stone und Denby Weller stellen ihn sich so vor. (mehr)
  • Wahrscheinlich kein Hellboy 3
    09.04.2013 02:43:23
    Thema: Kino 
    Guillermo del Toro hat nie offiziell ausgeschlossen, dass er einen dritten Hellboy-Film machen möchte, und auch Ron Perlman hat mehrfach gesagt, er ginge davon aus, dass Teil 3 kommen wird. Nun hat Hellboy-Erfinder Mike Mignola jedoch in einem Interview mit Comic Book Resources praktisch in einem Nebensatz erklärt, dass dem nicht so ist. (mehr)
  • Britain is Great: ein neues Star Trek-Poster
    08.04.2013 22:09:14
    Thema: Kino 
    Das neue Poster zu J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness zeigt zwar nichts, was mit Star Trek zu tun hat, dafür den britischen Sherlock-Darsteller und Schauspiel-Export-Schlager Benedict Cumberbatch vor einem brennenden London des 23. Jahrhunderts.
SF-Radio: WebBeat
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
Aktuelle News im Diskussionsforum des Thoregon Münster e.V.
  • Michael Pena untersucht "The Bringing"
    20.08.2016 13:42:40
    Thema: Horror Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 13:42: Michael Pena (Ant-Man; The Martian) hat für eine Rolle im Horror-Thriller "The Bringing" von "Sherlock" Regisseur Jeremy Lovering bei Columbia Pictures unterschrieben. ...
  • Jared Leto kommt zur "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung
    20.08.2016 13:30:51
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 20.08.2016 13:30: Jared Leto (suicide Squad) kommt zur Cast von Denis Villeneuves "Blade Runner" Fortsetzung bei Alcon Entertainment. ...
  • Keira Knightley spielt die Zuckerfee im "Nussknacker"
    18.08.2016 13:40:10
    Thema: Fantasy Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 13:40: Keira Knightley wird die Zuckerfee in der kommenden Realverfilmung von "Der Nussknacker" bei Disney Pictures spielen. ...
  • Scott Eastwood macht mit "Ecstasia" Science Ficiton
    18.08.2016 12:48:05
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 18.08.2016 12:48: "Fast And The Furios 8" und "Suicide Squad" Schauspieler Scott Eastwood probiert nun das Science Fiction Genre aus, im dem er zur Cast von "Ecstasia" unter der Regie von "The...
  • "Star Wars" Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist tot
    15.08.2016 10:17:01
    Thema: Darsteller, Autoren, Zeichner, usw. 
    Von AllanDanton am 15.08.2016 10:17: Der berühmte britische Schauspieler Kenny Baker ist im Alter von 83 Jahren nach langer Krankheit verstorben, wie der Guardian berichtet. Der nur 1,12 Meter große Baker ist wohl am besten bekannt für seine Rolle des R2-D2...
  • Zweiter Trailer zu "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
    12.08.2016 16:03:32
    Thema: Star Wars 
    Von AllanDanton am 12.08.2016 16:03: Einige Monate nach dem ersten Teaser haben Walt Disney Pictures und Lucasfilm nun den zweiten Trailer von "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" unter der Regie von Gareth Edwards veröffentlicht: ...
  • Warner entwickelt "Man of Steel 2"
    10.08.2016 16:11:08
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 16:11: Nachdem der erste "Man of Steel" der bislang bei den Kritiken erfolgreichste Film der DC Extended Universe Filme ist, ist es wenig überraschend, das Warner Bros. Pictures aktiv mit der Entwicklung einer direkten Fortsetzung...
  • Liosngate begründet, warum "Divergent" in TV wechselt
    10.08.2016 15:57:00
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 10.08.2016 15:57: Vor einige Wochen hat Lionsgate überraschend bekanntgegeben, dass sie den vierten und letzten "Divergent" Kinofilm zu Gunsten eines abschließenden TV-Films und eines möglichen Spinoff-TV-Serie wegfallen...
  • DIsney bestätigt Titeländerungen der nächste "Avengers" Filme
    04.08.2016 13:54:31
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 13:54: Disney und Marvel Studios haben bestätigt, dass sie ihren "Avengers: Infinity War" Filmzweiteiler neu benennen werden, ähnlich wie es DC bei "Hustice League" und Lionsgate beim...
  • Joe Carnahan schreibt "Uncharted" Film
    04.08.2016 11:30:52
    Thema: Computer- und Konsolen-Spiele 
    Von AllanDanton am 04.08.2016 11:30: "The Grey" und "Narc" Regisseur Joe Carnahan ist an Bord gekommen, um den aktuellsten Script-Entwurf für die Film-Adaption der "Uncharted" Videospiel-Reihe bei Sony Pictures zu schreiben....

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