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  • Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie.com Podcast Episode 18 – All Good Things…
    25.05.2016 23:57:40
    Kayla, Brian, and Jared discuss one of the undisputed best episodes of Star Trek, and quite possibly the best series-ender ever (?!), TNG’s series finale “All Good Things…”. Subscribe to Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie.com Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Pocket Casts! Direct link to podcast “One of the best finales of any TV show I’ve ever watched.” Here are some of our favorite moments from “All Good Things…”, many of which we didn’t have enough time to talk about on this episode. Also be sure to check out the special “Journey’s End” where Jonathan Frakes takes us behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which has some really great BTS interviews and insights into the show’s creation.
  • New Star Trek Beyond Promotional and Behind the Scenes Photos
    25.05.2016 23:06:53
    New Star Trek Beyond Promotional and Behind the Scenes Photos
    Six new photos from Star Trek Beyond surfaced today. Hat tip to Star Trek Argentina, who posted these this morning.
  • Two New Star Trek Beyond Character Posters: Bones and Jaylah
    25.05.2016 20:40:16
    Two New Star Trek Beyond Character Posters: Bones and Jaylah
    For those of you wondering, “Where’s Bones?” in the international poster released yesterday, here’s your answer! Check out these two new character posters.
  • New International Star Trek Beyond Poster Released
    24.05.2016 21:41:20
    New International Star Trek Beyond Poster Released
    The newest Star Trek Beyond poster has been revealed. The poster prominently features the new character Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) in the center surrounded by Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Scotty (Simon Pegg), and Kirk again (this time jumping a motorcycle). Idris Elba’s villain Krall is seen peering out from the top right-hand corner. This is the third poster we’ve seen for the upcoming film, after these two:
  • EDITORIAL: The Future of Star Trek (an open letter to Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman)
    24.05.2016 15:00:19
    EDITORIAL: The Future of Star Trek (an open letter to Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman)
    In an open letter to the creators of the upcoming Star Trek CBS series, science fiction author Steven Erikson makes a plea for the new show to embody the characteristics that made the Original Series so universal and posits, “Star Trek will survive on the quality of its drama – not on the special effects, not on the strange aliens, and not, alas, on the legacy of what has gone before.” Below is Part I of a three part series. Read on in Part II and Part III. Dear Bryan and Alex, It is no accident that the last two starships (if we take the latest trailer as accurate) named the Enterprise have crashed into ruin on planets. No better symbol can be imagined for the descent of Gene Roddenberry’s dream, and the close, undeniable parallel that is our collective loss of faith in a better future. The Enterprise is destroyed (again) in Star Trek Beyond This is not an essay pointing a finger of blame at the Star Trek franchise. As influential as Trek is to our past, present and future mythology, it nevertheless more often served to reflect cultural mores, as opposed to guiding them. And yet, in its original manifestation, Star Trek sought precisely that: to guide and instruct. Somewhere along the way, the boldness of that vision, with its blazing optimism, fell away. The reasons for why this happened are myriad, and probably worth some contemplation before I proceed towards offering a manifesto of sorts for the future of the franchise. If this notion – of a manifesto – seems both presumptuous and pointedly uninvited, that’s fine. I am proceeding from a notion of what Star Trek offered to us all, to what it became, and ultimately, to where it is going, particularly now on the cusp of a new television series within the Star Trek universe. And I am doing all this from the standpoint of a lifelong fan, an undaunted Trekker caught in a cycle of optimism and disappointment with every new ST iteration that comes along. Every work of art and every creative endeavor is a product of its time. As such, it reflects the world in which it was created, addressing imminent issues, concerns and attitudes. The nature of this reflection can be reactive or proactive. It can recoil towards a stalwart defense of the status quo in times when that status quo is perceived as threatened; or it can advance the shift in paradigm and thus effect, as best it can, social change. Few would argue the stance Gene Roddenberry took with his original vision of Star Trek. The man was an unrepentant Revolutionary, a humanist of the highest order, and his vision of a distant future civilization of humans united rather than divided, tolerant as opposed to intolerant, enlightened rather than benighted, was the driving force for the original series. Curiously, at the time of its production, there was no paralyzing consequence when it came to invoking high drama among the characters in the original series: that would come later with The Next Generation. The original series offered us strong, recognisable characters. So consistent in their traits, these characters became predictable in their anticipated reaction to events in the episodes, and this was not a bad thing, not a weakness but a strength. We knew how McCoy would react. We watched with glee the foil that Spock often provided. We well understood the battles between emotion and reason, and how Kirk bridged the two time and again. We recognised Scotty’s reverence for his ship, Chekov’s nationalistic pride, Sulu’s quiet ambition, Rand’s adoration of her captain, Uruhu’s love of music, Chapel’s unrequited love for Spock… These may seem simplistic now, but they aren’t. They are crucial in their consistency, utterly necessary in the conflicts they invite for the crew of the Enterprise. They lie at the heart of the natural drama of the Original Series, acting in response to the weekly external sources of conflict or threat. They were the spine upon which the burden of the unknown settled, week after week, out in the depths of space, and the strain and struggle of that burden delivered to us, the viewer, that essential identification and empathy for the crew of the Enterprise. Contrast that with the crew of The Next Generation. Sure, we had Data in his desire to be human. We had Picard as the reluctant commander, and every now and then, we had Worf doing something other than voicing the wrong opinion on the bridge and having his violent impulses swiftly reigned in by Picard. The other characters? Few had predictable traits, distinct or definitive personalities. Most of their lines could have been uttered by another character, with little effect on the story. Even Troi’s psionic empathy served mostly to advance the story via expository short-cuts, offering up observations that any competent person might surmise based on tone and body language. Riker – who was he? Does anybody know? Dr. Crusher? More robotic than Data. Geordi? Set aside the technobabble and who was he? Oh, right, he was a nice guy. They were all nice. And that was the problem. I watched the entirety of this series in a state of frustration. Now, Roddenberry himself was responsible for the Happy Camper setting of TNG, insisting that there be no conflict between the regulars. To this day, I do not understand his thinking with this. Any future civilization based upon humanist precepts is actually dependent upon discourse and a participatory role that embraces all points of view. It thrives on debate, on the strength of language in navigating the moral challenges awaiting it. More to the point, there is no conceivable future for us where we have been immunized from internal conflict, from battles of conscience and episodes of soul-searching doubt. The absence of all this in the Roddenberry years of TNG made its cast into a host of zombies, constricted, paper-thin, unified in the blandest sense of the word....
  • Star Trek Beyond Fan Event: The Extra Footage You Didn’t Get To See
    24.05.2016 03:31:19
    Star Trek Beyond Fan Event: The Extra Footage You Didn’t Get To See
    Getting more than just a first look at the new trailer, fans at the first ever Star Trek Fan event at Paramount Studios last Friday were treated to about 10 minutes of footage from Beyond that haven’t yet made it to the web. Here is the blow-by-blow of what we saw. CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD!
  • JJ Abrams announces Paramount/CBS has agreed to drop Axanar lawsuit
    21.05.2016 06:59:39
    JJ Abrams announces Paramount/CBS has agreed to drop Axanar lawsuit
    During the first ever Star Trek fan event at Paramount Studios this evening, JJ Abrams made a surprise announcement which could have wide ranging impact for the fan productions based on pressure from Justin on the studios about how he felt fans of the series should be treated.
  • New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Premieres Online
    21.05.2016 06:20:15
    New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Premieres Online
    The trailer is being posted online concurrent with its premiere at a special fan event being held at Paramount Studios tonight. ***UPDATE*** We now have the new poster for the film as well:
  • LIVE BLOG: Star Trek Beyond Fan Event at Paramount Studios Trailer Reveal
    21.05.2016 02:01:00
    Follow along with TrekMovie’s live blog of the first ever Star Trek Fan Event tonight from 6:30 PM. The event, held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, will include the reveal of the second Star Trek Beyond trailer plus a live streaming Q&A session with director Justin Lin, JJ Abrams, and other surprise guests. Watch this space! The Q&A session will be streamed live via Facebook live from 7:45 PM PST exclusively on BuzzFeed Entertainment
  • Blame Justin Lin For Destroying The Enterprise
    19.05.2016 21:07:43
    Blame Justin Lin For Destroying The Enterprise
    The Star Trek Beyond director says he wanted to do something bold, in a new interview with Wired. Wired sat down with Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin to talk coming onto Trek, destroying the Enterprise, and more. “It was like, hey, this is a rescue mission,” Lin told Wired. “It was, ‘You’ve got six months.’” When JJ Abrams picked Lin to helm the latest iteration of the Star Trek film reboot, he was looking for a director with “command of a large cast, a great sense of action, a sense of humor,” and “an ability to tell stories that would speak to cultures all over the world.” So, Abrams asked Lin to pitch him something “bold”. That’s when Lin got the idea to destroy the Enterprise. And, he is a stickler for getting it just right. As Wired describes watching Lin at work in the editing bay: Justin Lin points at the long slender neck of the Enterprise on a monitor. It’s spindly, that diagonal piece leading up to the saucer section, vulnerable. As a kid, he always wondered, why wouldn’t you just attack there? In a gobsmacking action sequence from Star Trek Beyond, directed by Lin, a fleet of ships attack in a swarm—shredding and slicing the Enterprise until it’s decapitated. Even though the frenzied scene is set in the vacuum of space, the action feels visceral, painful, and scary. But in the editing bay, Lin is finding all sorts of minuscule problems. He asks to see multiple iterations of the swarm ships: 10,000, 20,000. His team animates the sequence, then reanimates it, over and over, as Lin adjusts the ships’ flight paths. Then he zooms in and critiques the exact locations of tiny thrusters and running lights, the smoothness or roughness of nozzle heads. He’s relentless. This is likely a piece of a scene we’ve already seen in the first trailer where a swarm of small ships is relentlessly attacking the Big E. …which is also likely the same swarm of ships seen on promotional material in Cannes recently. After a poorly received first trailer, Justin Lin will have an uphill battle showing the world that there is more to him than car chases. The trailer that debuted last year took heavy criticism for it’s action-packed style, particularly one scene of Captain Kirk jumping a motorcycle to the tune of The Beastie Boys. Lin admits that he was hurt when some fans, including Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu (George Takei), condemned the trailer for being “Fast and Furious in space”. “George has always handled things with class,” Lin says. “He was a huge part of my life, so for him to swing a sucker punch, that hurt.” The film’s co-writer and co-star Simon Pegg (Scotty) has come out in defense of the trailer, reminding folks that it’s all about marketing and that it does not reflect the look and feel of the final film. “[I’m] disappointed that Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, and George Takei were slagging off the trailer,” says Pegg, “because they know a finished trailer is never a reflection of the finished film. Get a fucking clue! It’s really good fun: thrilling and heartfelt.” Wired also brings us the latest promotional image from the film. The piece over at Wired talks a lot about Justin Lin’s directorial style, his history in Hollywood, and even his childhood.
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  • New STAR TREK BEYOND Posters Feature Spock, Chekov
    26.05.2016 18:04:06
    Paramount has provided us with two new STAR TREK BEYOND posters. The posters, made available to TrekNews.net on Thursday, feature Zachary Quinto as Spock and Anton Yelchin as Chekov. The posters add to those released on Wednesday, featuring “Bones” and Jaylah. You can check out both of the new posters below. Tell us your thoughts […]
  • Rihanna’s New Sunglasses Line Inspired By TNG’s Geordi La Forge
    25.05.2016 20:00:43
    Rihanna’s new collaboration with Dior, a sunglasses line, are said to be inspired by none other than Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi La Forge. “I’ve always been obsessed with his eyewear, and when I got to Dior and saw all the materials I could play with, it all just came together,” the pop star […]
  • New STAR TREK BEYOND Posters Feature Bones, Jaylah
    25.05.2016 17:22:19
    Paramount has provided us with two new STAR TREK BEYOND posters. The posters, made available to TrekNews.net on Wednesday, feature Sofia Boutella as Jaylah and Karl Urban as “Bones”. Both of the film’s stars are shown against green and blue backgrounds, respectively, with what looks like starships in the forefront and the film’s title and […]
  • Composer Michael Giacchino Begins Scoring STAR TREK BEYOND
    24.05.2016 22:14:42
    Composer Michael Giacchino announced on Twitter that he has just begun scoring Star Trek Beyond. Post production on the film just wrapped last Friday (May 20), prior to the “fan event” at Paramount that night. “Star Trek Beyond Begins TODAY!” Giacchino said in a tweet that included a photo of the scoring stage at FOX […]
  • New International STAR TREK BEYOND Poster
    24.05.2016 19:28:37
    Paramount has released an international poster for the upcoming release of Star Trek Beyond. The poster is the most colorful we’ve seen to promote the film, set to hit theaters on July 22. Chris Pine as Kirk, Sofia Boutella as Jaylah, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Idris […]
    23.05.2016 13:09:15
    Paramount hosted a special fan event on Friday, May 20th in celebration of the upcoming release of Star Trek Beyond and the 50th anniversary of the franchise. The star-studded event was attended by director Justin Lin, producer J.J. Abrams, stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, “Mythbusters” star Adam Savage, and several lucky ticket winners […]
  • REPORT: Inside The STAR TREK BEYOND Fan Event (Photos & Video)
    21.05.2016 17:29:40
    Stardate: 69852.2 (May 20, 2016 by the Gregorian calendar). Location: Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA. It was finally time for the mysterious Star Trek Beyond fan event. For days prior, the Facebook feed of any Trekkie was filled with excited announcements of fellow fans winning tickets. But no one knew exactly what this event would […]
  • JJ Abrams: The ‘Axanar’ Lawsuit Is “Going Away”
    21.05.2016 14:53:44
    Paramount and CBS ending lawsuit against Star Trek: Axanar Speaking to fans and members of the media in attendance at the Star Trek Beyond fan event on Friday night, J.J. Abrams addressed the status of the Paramount and CBS lawsuit against the crowdfunded film Star Trek: Axanar. Scroll down to check out our exclusive video. […]
  • Full Breakdown of the Second STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer
    21.05.2016 08:13:03
    The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond premiered at the fan event in Los Angeles on Friday night, and then dropped online shortly after. Here is a look at what we see and what we could expect. The trailer begins with the Enterprise approaching a planet, with a voiceover from Kirk talking about his father […]
  • Here’s the Second STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For
    21.05.2016 06:10:59
    Second Star Trek Beyond Trailer Here it is! The highly-anticipated second trailer for this summer’s STAR TREK BEYOND! Following the release of the first action-heavy trailer, featuring the Beastie Boys’ song “Sabotage”, dropped in December 2015, many criticized the film as being “The Fast and the Furious in space”. Star Trek Beyond co-writer and star […]
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  • Star Wars Battlefront Nachfolger mit Singleplayer Modus aufgrund unbefriedigender Bewertungen?
    25.05.2016 08:57:05
    Electronic Arts sind mit dem finanziellen Erfolg von Star Wars Battlefront hoch zufrieden. Immerhin 14 Millionen Exemplare der Neuauflage gingen über die Ladentische weltweit. Leider war das Spiel bei Kritikern nicht ganz so beliebt und statt Wertungen im hohen 80er oder gar 90er Bereich gab es …
  • Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer mit LEGO nachgestellt
    25.05.2016 08:44:21
    Eine Gruppe von LEGO Fans hat den Teaser Trailer zu Star Wars: Rogue One mit LEGO Steinen rekonstruiert und ist dabei sehr nahe ans Original herangekommen wie ich finde. Aber seht selbst!
  • Die Lucasfilm "Star Wars Show" geht online
    12.05.2016 14:49:02
    Lucasfilm hat ein neues Format veröffentlicht: Jeden Mittwoch Abend wird eine Ausgabe der "Star Wars Show" online gestellt. Hier werden News, Events und andere Dinge rund um Star Wars beleuchtet. In Episode 1 der Show gibt es als Schmankerl neue Szenen aus der "Episode VII Cantina" zu sehen.
  • Visceral Games Star Wars Spiel erst 2018, dafür neues Battlefront schon 2017 und weitere Spiele
    12.05.2016 14:31:20
    Electronic Arts hat seinen Investoren gegenüber bekanntgegeben dass das noch unbetitelte Star Wars Spiel von Visceral Games erst 2018 erscheinen wird. Das Spiel könnte ein Open-World-Action-Adventure im Stile von Uncharted mit Han Solo als Hauptcharakter werden. Dies würde dann dazu passen dass der …
  • Mark Hamill spricht über die ursprünglich geplante Eröffnungssequenz von Das Erwachen der Macht
    11.05.2016 09:12:19
    In einem Interview mit der britischen The Sun gibt Mark Hamill einige interessante Dinge zu Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht preis. Unter anderem spricht er darüber dass er skeptisch war in Episode VII mitzuwirken und das die ursprünglichen ersten 15 Minuten des Films anders hätten aussehen sollen. …
  • Unbestätigt: Alden Ehrenreich ist der neue Han Solo!
    06.05.2016 09:28:52
    Wie commingsoon.net berichtet soll der neue Han Solo Darsteller gefunden worden sein. Eine offizielle Bestätigung seitens Disney und Lucasfilm steht noch aus aber Alden Ehrenreich soll den jungen Han Solo im Star Wars Ableger verkörpern. Sein letzter Auftritt war in Hail Caesar! dem Film der Coen …
  • Electronic Arts kündigt neues Star Wars Videospiel an
    05.05.2016 09:52:27
    Electronic Arts haben zum gestrigen Star Wars Tag ein neues Spiel im Star Wars Universum angekündigt. Das noch namenlose Spiel soll eine 3rd Person Action Adventure werden und wird von Respawn Entertainment entwickelt. Viel mehr wurde aktuell noch nicht bekannt gegeben.
  • Erstes Lebenszeichen zum Star Wars: Han Solo Film
    05.05.2016 09:47:54
    Der Han Solo Regisseur Chris Miller hat über Twitter mitgeteilt, dass er es gar nicht erwarten kann bis die Dreharbeiten beginnen. Das Foto das er angehängt hat, zeigt uns dabei eine der ikonischsten Waffen des Star Wars Universums.
  • Neuer Trailer und 8-minütiges Gameplay Video zu LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht
    05.05.2016 09:43:46
    Es ist ein neuer Trailer zu LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht veröffentlicht worden, der viele der neuen Szenen zu Episode VII zeigt. Dazu gibt es ein Gameplay Video, dass einige Neuerungen des Spiels zeigt.
  • Daisy Ridley und Freunde wünschen Euch einen fröhlichen Star Wars Tag...
    04.05.2016 11:08:31
    ...und sagen Danke für zahlreiche Spenden über das Star Wars: Force for Change Programm, bei dem Ihr heute die letzte Chance auf eine Teilnahme und damit auf den Gewinn einer Reise zu den Dreharbeiten habt.
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  • Trailer zu Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound
    12.04.2013 03:24:31
    Thema: Kino 
    Regisseur/Autor Leonardo Antonio hat eine ungewöhnliche Perspektive für seinen Thriller My Engine's Fragile Sound gewählt: die eines ungeborenen Kindes, das aus dem Bauch seiner durch Brandwunden schwer entstellten und im Koma liegenden Mutter das Geschehen kommentiert. (mehr)
  • Jetzt wir's immer bunter: Fox macht Firefly-Fans Probleme
    11.04.2013 13:26:40
    Thema: Serien 
    Fans der Seite Firefly sind machmal auch an ihren selbstgemachten Strickmützen zu erkennen. Jayne (Adam Baldwin) hatte in der Folge "The Message" eine orangegelbe Strickmütze in einem Carepaket von seiner Mutti bekommen und damit die Fangemeinde begeistert. Nun hat sich der Sender Fox, bei dem die Rechte an Firefly und dem Strickobjekt liegen eingeschaltet...
  • Matt Damon stürmt Elysium
    10.04.2013 11:12:33
    Thema: Kino 
    Ihr erinnert euch an Neil Blomenkamp? Den Regisseur von District 9? Den hat die Faszination für Science Fiction nicht verlassen und sein neues Projekt Elysium mit Matt Damon in der Hauptrolle steht schon in den Startlöchern. Damon darf sich mal wieder als Action-Star versuchen, denn er soll die Menschen auf der Erde retten. Die leben im Jahr 2159 in furchtbaren Zuständen, während einige Reiche auf einer Raumstation in Saus und Braus leben. Der Film läuft am 22. August in Deutschland an, mit dabei ist auch Sharlto Copley, der Hauptdarsteller aus District 9.
  • Mal wieder eine Dracula-Verfilmung
    10.04.2013 03:34:17
    Thema: Kino 
    Ursprünglich sollte der Film Dracula Year Zero heißen, doch mittlerweile hat man sich für den klassischen Titel Dracula entschieden. Dabei hätte der Titel gut gepasst, denn Regieneuling Gary Shore wählt einen etwas anderen Ansatz als sonst. (mehr)
  • Damon Lindelof produziert Mysteryserie für HBO
    10.04.2013 03:14:48
    Thema: Science Fiction 
    In The Leftovers, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Tom Perrotta basiert, geht es um die Kleinstadt Mapleton, in der auf einmal eine Reihe von Einwohnern verschwinden. Die Zurückgebliebenen glauben, dass sie "entrückt" worden sind, also von Gott in den Himmel gerufen wurden. Im christlichen Glauben läutet dieses Phänomen die Endzeit ein. Kein Wunder also, dass die nicht entrückten Einwohner von Mapleton ein wenig frustriert sind und sich fragen, was sie falsch gemacht haben.
  • Neues Featurette zu Iron Man 3
    09.04.2013 21:23:39
    Thema: Kino 
    In einem neuen Featurette zu Iron Man 3 sprechen die Schauspieler über ihre Figuren, was den dritten Teil von seinen Vorgängern unterscheidet und was die Zuschauer erwartet.  Zu Wort kommen neben  auch Robert Downey Jr., Gwynneth Paltrow und John Favreau. Der Streifen läuft am 1. Mai in Deutschland an.
  • Action auf indisch: Idharammyilatho
    09.04.2013 13:32:43
    Thema: Kino 
    Hauptdarsteller Allu Arjun, der von seinen Fans entweder Stylish Star oder Bunny (?) genannt wird, ist einer der großen Stars des Tollywood-Kinos, der Filmindustrie, die ihren Sitz im indischen Staat Andhra Pradesh hat. In Idharammyilatho (noch nie war ich so dankbar für Copy/Paste) spielt er einen netten Typen, der aus irgendwelchen, im Trailer schleierhaft bleibenden Gründen zur Mordmaschine wird.
  • Bunyip: ein uraustralischer Monsterfilm
    09.04.2013 12:43:57
    Thema: Kino 
    Bei einem Bunyip handelt es sich um ein Monster aus der Mythologie der australischen Ureinwohner, das sich meistens in Sümpfen herumtreibt und Menschen frisst. Es gibt keine verlässlichen Aussagen über sein Aussehen (sagt Wikipedia), aber die Filmemacher Miri Stone und Denby Weller stellen ihn sich so vor. (mehr)
  • Wahrscheinlich kein Hellboy 3
    09.04.2013 02:43:23
    Thema: Kino 
    Guillermo del Toro hat nie offiziell ausgeschlossen, dass er einen dritten Hellboy-Film machen möchte, und auch Ron Perlman hat mehrfach gesagt, er ginge davon aus, dass Teil 3 kommen wird. Nun hat Hellboy-Erfinder Mike Mignola jedoch in einem Interview mit Comic Book Resources praktisch in einem Nebensatz erklärt, dass dem nicht so ist. (mehr)
  • Britain is Great: ein neues Star Trek-Poster
    08.04.2013 22:09:14
    Thema: Kino 
    Das neue Poster zu J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness zeigt zwar nichts, was mit Star Trek zu tun hat, dafür den britischen Sherlock-Darsteller und Schauspiel-Export-Schlager Benedict Cumberbatch vor einem brennenden London des 23. Jahrhunderts.
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Thoregon Münster e.V. - News
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  • Erster Trailer zu "The Space Between Us"
    26.05.2016 19:08:10
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 26.05.2016 19:08: STX Entertainment hat den ersten Trailer zu seiner kommenden intergalaktischen Liebesgeschichte "The Space Between Us" veröffentlicht. Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Carla Gugino, Britt Robertson, BD Wong und Janet...
  • Joss Whedon würde für einen weiblichen Marvel-Film zurückkehren
    26.05.2016 18:51:46
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 26.05.2016 18:51: Nach "Avengers: Age of Ultron" sagte Filmemacher Joss Whedon recht deutlich, dass er mit dem Marvel Cinematic Universe abgeschlossen habe und hat auch seitdem keine Anzeichen gezeigt, von dieser Position abzurücken. ...
  • Finaler Trailer zu Pixars "Finding Dory"
    25.05.2016 18:28:01
    Thema: Filme und Serien Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 25.05.2016 18:28: Disney und Pixar haben für ihre "Findet Nemo" Fortsetzung "Findet Dori" einen letzten Trailer veröffentlicht, bevor der Film am 17. Juni in die Kinos kommt. ...
  • "Uncharted 4" stelt neuen Verkaufsrekord auf
    25.05.2016 18:25:06
    Thema: Computer- und Konsolen-Spiele 
    Von AllanDanton am 25.05.2016 18:25: Nicht nur hat Naughty Dog's "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" die in diesem Jahr besten Kritiken bekommen, es wurde nun auch bekannt, dass das Spiel in der ersten Woche weltweit mehr als 2,7 Millionen Mal verkauft...
  • Erweiterter Trailer zu "Independence Day: Resurgence"
    25.05.2016 18:04:33
    Thema: Science Fiction Allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 25.05.2016 18:04: 20th Century Fox hat einen erweiterten, fast fünf Minuten langen Trailer zum kommenden Film "Independence Day: Resurgence" veröffentlicht. Der Film kommt am 23. Juni in die Kinos. ...
  • Erster Trailer zu "Star Trek Beyond"
    24.05.2016 19:02:05
    Thema: Star Trek 
    Von AllanDanton am 24.05.2016 19:02: Paramount Pictures hat einen Trailer und das erste Poster für den kommenden Film "Star Trek: Beyond" unter der Regie von Justin Lin veröffentlicht.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBIH02zQp5I ...
  • The CW plant großes DC-Crossover über vier Serien
    24.05.2016 18:42:04
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 24.05.2016 18:42: Nach dem Wechsel von "Supergirl" von CBS zu The CW ist es wenig überraschend, dass der Sender die Gelegenheit nutzen wird, mit insgesamt vier DC-Serien in der nächsten Season ein großés...
  • Internationaler Trailer zu "Inferno"
    24.05.2016 17:57:56
    Thema: Mystery und Thriller 
    Von AllanDanton am 24.05.2016 17:57: Sony Pictures hat einen internationalen Trailer zu "Inferno" veröffentlicht, der Adaption des gleichnamigen Romans von Dan Brown mit Ton Hanks und Felicity Jones in den Hauptrollen. Der Film startet in weiten Teilen Europas...
  • Es kommt mehr "Akte X", aber das dauert noch
    23.05.2016 16:58:27
    Thema: Mystery und Thriller 
    Von AllanDanton am 23.05.2016 16:58: Im Zusammenhang mit der Ankündigung von FOXs Planung für die Season 2016/17 hat Vorsitzende und CEO des Senders Dana Walden bestätigt, dass es Gespräche über eine weitere Season von "Akte...
  • Planen Marvel und Netflix drei weitere Serien?
    23.05.2016 16:48:14
    Thema: Comics allgemein 
    Von AllanDanton am 23.05.2016 16:48: Könnten Marvel und Netflix derzeit an einer Vereinbarung über drei weitere Serien mit bekannten Comic-Charakteren arbeiten. ...

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